10 Awesome Affiliate Marketing Tactics That Generate More Sales

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Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing that provides great benefits to marketers and companies. The best thing about it is that there are no contracts or deadlines that have to be met. It allows markets to work at their will to offer the best quality. Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting someone else’s services or products to their own customers or audience. This is something that social media influencers can do really well. With every sale that is made through the link that is provided to them, they get some commission according to the company’s policy. There are many eCommerce websites like Amazon that provide up to 10-12% commission on the sale of every product that they sell. This is something that creates customers and hype for an eCommerce website and brands as well and they don’t have to pay a fixed amount to them.

Dedication, Regularity, And Smart Work

Dedication, regularity, and smart work are the three factors that can help an affiliate marketer to generate more sales. This might be counted as a great source of side income but it is not that easy to generate sales from it. People who think that they can just post a link and get users on that behalf need to understand that they will not earn anything significant that way. This is why in this article we have curated 10 strategies that can help anyone who wants to generate sales through their affiliate marketing campaign.

10 Affiliate Marketing Tactics to Generate More Sales

1. Know the Products That You Are Promoting

This is a must. No one can market or promote something that they don’t know about. This is the reason why it is important to research and know everything about the product and the brand that affiliate marketers are associated with. It also gives an edge to markets because the more you know about products the better you will be able to explain about them. Convincing someone that the product is better and that they should buy it increases the probability of a sale.

2. Get Expertise on The Type of Products in The Same Category

People prefer to trust experts. They will be able to understand a product just by reading the content that an affiliate marketer weaves around the product and its promotion. Though promoting content is all about describing it properly in a manner that none of it looks false. There should be experts who can write everything that can attract the customers or the audience that is an influencer or affiliate marketer. Without expertise, it can be really hard to tell people why they should buy a product, especially from an affiliate link.

3. Promote the Content in All Possible Mediums

Affiliate marketing works when an article or content along with a link is circulated everywhere. This can include social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and whatnot. Other social media platforms like Pinterest and Quora can also be used to do the same but with some smart placement. The content should only be placed in places where it looks relevant.

However, marketers should not just post the content and the link on all questions. Quora removes answers that are not relevant to a question. This can also result in the profile getting banned from the platform. This is bad marketing and should not be done if marketers wish to stay in the game for long.

4. Have A Backup Plan to Reinitiate the Campaign When It Is Not Working

Not all plans work, because no plan is perfect. In these times where people change their minds in a fraction of a second, it is important to have a backup plan. This will help marketers when the first plan that they execute starts failing or didn’t even pick up in the first place. They cannot just let it go. Having a backup plan will save them from wasting all the effort and the time that they invested in creating content and finding the best images of products.

5. Choose Products Carefully

The products that are to be promoted should be chosen very carefully. The reason behind this is that people will not buy a product unless it provides value for their money, has decent brand value, or is super affordable but has great reviews. These are the things that can be considered before finalizing a product to promote.

6. Provide Real Images and Videos

Many affiliate marketers make the mistake of using staged photos that have been used by a brand. People get attracted when they see how a product looks in real life. This is what attracts them and also keeps them intrigued. It is something that they don’t see elsewhere and that is why there are high chances that they will click on the link to the product and also buy the products.

Unboxing videos can also be used in review and comparison articles – they make a huge impact on people’s minds. These are the things that can trigger the person reading the content to buy the product right away. It all depends on the way the content is written and the way a reader perceives it.

7. Provide Special Offers

Affiliate marketers can provide some special offers to their clients. There can be a cashback or even freebies when they buy from the link that the marketer provides in their posts or their blogs. There might be some reduction in the profit margin of individual projects but it will increase the frequency that will do more than just covering it up.

8. Never Lie in Order to Sell

This is the worst tactic that has been used a lot until now: lying in order to sell. Many affiliate marketers lie about the product that they are promoting in their articles. This is something that might generate a one-time sale for it but will kill all the possibility of the users coming back to its website.

In no way is this something that will increase the profit. It is something that will take the affiliate marketing campaign down in just a couple of months or even weeks. Using false practices like promising a discount or a freebie that users will never be able to get will just put them off.

9. Write Top 10 Or Review Articles to Engage People

Most people generally search for the top 10 products when they are confused as to what they need to buy. This is also the keyword for first-time shoppers. The top 10 articles create great engagement and if written in a promotional manner, they can generate great sales. Reviews are another category of articles that can engage people.

10. Place the Product Link (Affiliate Link) Carefully

Make sure that the affiliate link/product link is not stuffed. Users know when you just want to sell and not tell them how they will benefit from buying a product. The first rule of affiliate marketing is that it can’t be obvious that the article is just about selling a product through a link. Remember that people always have an option to directly buy a product from its website.


The strategies that have been listed above are not magic spells. It takes time to implement them and see their results but if done in the right way, they can provide good results. Most successful affiliate marketers use the same strategies and they have earned a lot from them.


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