100 Blogs That Accept Guest Posts for Backlinks & Brand Awareness 2021

Guest posting can be a powerful way to grow brand awareness, position yourself as an authority in your niche, and bring you more traffic. But finding blogs that accept guest posts can take up so much time!

There’s no doubt about it: blogging is a long-term game and producing content can be incredibly time-consuming. Most niche website owners barely have time to create content for their own website without researching websites that accept guest posts!

If you’ve got limited time but want a list of vetted websites that accept guest post submissions, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled 100 websites that take guest blogging submissions and included MOZ DA, Alexa Ranking, and links to each submissions page.

Benefits of Guest Posting

While you might think that spending time crafting a valuable post for someone else’s blog or website is a waste of time, that’s actually far from the truth.

Guest posting, or guest blogging, provides many valuable benefits.

Guest authors can grow their brand with quality content submitted to established brands and websites. Here are the main benefits of being a guest blogger.

Exposure and Authority

Having a guest post published on a relevant blog in your niche increases your brand awareness, gets more exposure for your brand or website, and increases your authority in the subject.

Publishing content on another website allows you to get in front of an established audience that you wouldn’t typically experience by posting on your own website and social media. This is a powerful tool for growing brand awareness and positioning yourself as an expert in your niche.

Not all websites will allow you to link back to your own content, but that doesn’t mean that the guest post isn’t still valuable. Having your content published on other websites helps to position you as an authority, especially if your piece is published by a large, well-established brand.


Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Another benefit of being a guest blogger is the potential that a guest post has to drive traffic. If links are allowed, you can choose to send readers to a blog post on your own website, a contact form, or a landing page.

When crafting your guest post, consider how to best engage the readers. And, when allowed, consider the best method of turning the readers into traffic for yourself.

Including links to a post on your website can help boost your search engine rankings, but including a link to a landing page with a personalized freebie can help grow your email list.

Backlinks and SEO

One of the main reasons bloggers seek out guest posts is to land backlinks. Backlinks are links back to your website from the site you are guest posting on. Backlinks can help improve search engine rankings because Google sees them as signals that your website is helpful and trustworthy.

So, a major benefit of guest blogging is the ability to gain a backlink to your website, especially if it’s a major publication. Keep in mind that not all blogs that allow guest posts will allow you to include internal links… but many do! Guest blogging is one of the top white-hat link-building strategies for any blogger or niche website owner.

Whether or not you can include a backlink is usually stated in the website’s guest post editorial guidelines.

Subscribers and Leads

If you include a link to a landing page or create a freebie specifically for the audience of your guest post, you can easily gain new subscribers or leads by writing a guest article.

If links are allowed, creating customized content, offers, and freebies related to the article topic will increase your chances of gaining new subscribers and leads.

When done strategically, guest posting can accomplish all of these benefits from a single article. So while it might take time to research, pitch, write, and get published, guest posting is absolutely worth the effort.

How to Find Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Here’s the tricky part: not all blogs or websites accept guest posts. And not all blogs and websites that accept guest posts will be worth it for you.

The key to a successful guest posting strategy is finding established brands in your niche that already have a follower base and a decent domain authority (DA). Additionally, the website or blog should be in your same niche or closely related.

Finding the perfect guest blogging website requires a bit of research on your end, but the time involved will be well worth it when you start gaining backlinks and authority.

One of the first ways to find guest posting sites is by finding lists, much like this one.

Articles like this can save you a ton of time because all the research is done beforehand. But, if you really want to niche down, here’s how to find guest blogging sites on your own.

Search Terms for Finding Guest Blogging Websites

Image showing a Google Search with the text "Godaddy.com + write for us"

Google is a powerful tool and it’s the best way for finding niched-down guest blogging websites. If you have a website or brand in mind, do a site search for a guest post or submissions instructions page.

For example: godaddy.com + write for us

If you don’t have a particular website in mind, use a keyword from your niche or a keyword related to what you want to write about. 

Example: WordPress + write for us

If your query is bringing up a bunch of unrelated results, use quotation marks around the keywords for exact results. 

Example: “digital marketing” + “write for us” 

Different websites use different terms for guest post contributions. Here’s a list of terms to try in your search.

  • “Write for us”
  • Guest post” or “guest blog
  • “Contribute”
  • “Contributor”
  • “Submit an article” “submit a guest post
  • Guest post/blogging guidelines”
  • “Contributor guidelines”
  • Submission guidelines
  • “Send a tip”
  • Guest post by”
  • Guest author”

You can also find guest blogging opportunities by spying on your competitors. Let your competitors do the heavy lifting for you! You can use a backlink tool or go about it the old-fashioned way with a Google search.

Tools like SEMrush and NinjaOutreach can help speed up the process of finding sites to reach out to.

Use search terms like these to find out where your competitors are having their guest blogs published.

  • Guest post by (author name)”
  • Guest blog by (author name)”
  • “Submitted by (author name)”
  • Guest contribution by (author name)”
  • “Contributed by (author name)”

Always click through and check the contribution pages. Some guest blogging websites will have editorial and submissions guidelines, and some might have updated the page to state that they are closed to contributors.

Ultimate List of Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

List of blogs that accept guest posts

There are thousands of websites on the internet today that accept guest posts in every niche imaginable. We scoured the web and compiled this list of 100 blogs that accept guest posts, sorted by niche, Alexa, and MOZ domain authority ranking. 

Digital Marketing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

From search engine marketing to advertising, blogging, social media, freelance writing, and more, these blogs are perfect for you. These digital marketing blogs include some of the biggest brands and names on the internet today, and they’re all currently accepting guest posts. 

  Name Topics DA Alexa Link
1 GoDaddy Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Web Design 93 90 Link
2 HubSpot Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Blogging, Business 92 565 Link
3 Elegant Themes WordPress, Divi, Web Design 88 3,304
4 Outbrain Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Advertising 85 427
5 Search Engine Watch SEO, Social Media Marketing, Analytics 85 14,209
6 GetResponse Marketing, Social Media, Email 85 1,971
7 Social Media Examiner Social Media Marketing 80 5,320
8 Content Marketing Institute Content Marketing 80 13,133
9 Jeff Bullas Digital Marketing, Blogging, Entrepreneurship 80 28,372
10 ClickZ Digital Marketing 78 24,949
11 Search Engine Roundtable SEO 78 4,574
12 MarketingProfs B2B Digital Marketing, Content Creation 78 17,369
13 Kissmetrics Digital Marketing, Advertising, Analytics 77 141,700
14 Single Grain SEO, Digital Marketing 57 16,237
15 Pro Writing Aid Blogging, Content Marketing 57 9,075
16 Serpstat SEO, Digital Marketing 55 8,727
17 Shane Barker Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Blogging 54 16,579
18 Make a Living Writing Blogging, Content Marketing, Productivity, Social Media 53 50,154
19 RankRanger SEO, Digital Marketing 52 25,173
20 TechWyse SEO, Digital Marketing, Analytics 52 65,697
21 Copyhackers Blogging, Copywriting, Digital Marketing 51 35,190
22 Marketing Land Digital Marketing 46 21,325
23 Mangools SEO, Digital Marketing 42 5,363 Link
24 The Mogul Mom Blogging, Entrepreneurship, Social Media, Digital Marketing 42 482,999
25 Digital Success SEO, Social Media, Advertising 33 130,738
26 Copywriter Collective Copywriting, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing 33 540,611
27 The Guide X Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Entrepreneurship 31 18,158

Business Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Do you write about business, leadership, or anything related? Here are the top business blogs currently accepting guest posts. Some of the top names on this list like Business Insider, Fast Company, Inc, and more can be incredibly difficult to get approved for… but so worth it if you do!

  Name Topics DA Alexa Link
28 The Guardian Business, News, Opinion 95 178
29 Huffington Post Business, News, Lifestyle 94 1,418
30 Business Insider Business, News 94 255
31 Fast Company Business, Leadership, Technology 93 3,208
32 Harvard Business Review Business 92 1,680
33 Inc Business, News, Technology 92 1,803
34 VentureBeat Business, Technology 92 3,982
35 HubSpot Business, Sales 92 565
36 BPlans Business, Finance 68 12,302
37 Startup Grind Business 65 42,091
38 Startup Nation Business 60 43,736
39 Cleverism Business, Career 59 42,700
40 Tweak Your Biz Business, Sales, Technology 56 28,025
41 Home Business Mag Business 53 70,160
42 Women on Business Business 50 137,713

Lifestyle Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

If you’re a generalist or lifestyle blogger, check out these guest blogging sites in the lifestyle and special interest niches.

  Name Topics DA Alexa Link
43 Psychology Today Psychology, Relationships, Parenting 93 2,492
44 Buzzfeed Entertainment, Shopping, General Lifestyle 93 642
45 The Atlantic Politics, Culture, Family, Health, Education, Etc 93 1,974
46 Lifehacker Home, Parenting, Work, Food, Etc 92 1,852
47 Yanko Design Product Design, Architecture 87 28,442
48 Your Tango Relationships, Family, Wellness, Astrology 86 16,640
49 MindBodyGreen Mindfulness, Health, Food, Beauty 86 8,653
50 Elephant Journal Relationships, Spirituality, Wellness 76 48,808
51 Working Mother Parenting, Career 69 102,464
52 Mother Earth Living Food, Wellness, Gardening 67 283,352
53 Craft Gossip Crafts 65 161,226
54 Pick the Brain Family, Productivity, Wellness 63 59,388
55 Living Rich With Coupons Wellness, Crafts, Budgeting, Family 58 85,131
56 Metro Parent Parenting, Education 56 401,649
57 EverythingMom Parenting 47 166,682
58 The Daily Meditation Meditation, Spirituality 43 195,145
59 My Little Magic Shop Spirituality, Astrology, Wellness, Metaphysics 33 1,307,255
60 Dash of Wellness Wellness, Relationships 31 351,202
61 The Daily Buzz Fashion, Fitness, Food, Wellness 12 5,657,132

Travel Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

If you have a travel blog, a guest posting opportunity can help increase brand awareness and get new followers. Here are the best travel blogs that are currently accepting guest posts.

  Name Topics DA Alexa Link
62 Boarding Area Travel, Flying 82 51,761
63 Conde Nast Traveller Travel, Culture 75 44,549
64 Only In Your State Travel Destinations 73 17,733
65 Hostel Bookers Travel Tips, Travel Destinations 69 67,189
66 Global Grasshopper Travel Destinations 57 124,182
67 Practical Wanderlust Travel Destinations, Travel Guides 51 103,140
68 Dave’s Travel Corner Travel Destinations 50 400,357
69 Two Wandering Soles Travel Destinations, Outdoors 46 188,817
70 We Are Travel Girls Destination Guides, Travel Hacks 46 334,870
71 Travel Talk Tours Travel Hacks, Travel Stories 37 571,015
72 Travel Earth World Travel 37 185,879
73 Take More Trips Travel Destinations 35 588,769
74 The Sabbatical Guide Travel Destinations, Travel Photography 32 700,370
75 The Art of Travel Travel Destinations, Travel Budget 26 290,385

Technology Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

If you want to contribute to a tech blog, check out this list of technology blogs currently accepting guest contributions.

  Name Topics DA Alexa Link
76 Wired Technology, Opinion 94 1,128
77 TechCrunch Technology, Business 93 542
78 The Verge Technology News 93 1,249
79 Gizmodo Technology, Science 93 1,649
80 Quartz Technology, News 92 4,952
81 ReadWrite Technology, Business 86 32,994
82 New Atlas Technology 85 19,627
83 Make Tech Easier Technology, Apps, Gadgets 83 8,642
84 G2 Technology, Marketing 80 3,368
85 Technically Technology, Business 78 69,174
86 Tech Walls Technology, Gadget Reviews 59 38,767
87 CloudTech Technology, Business 56 274,611
88 Wonder of Tech Technology, Gadgets 46 141,905

Web Design and Development Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

These web design and web development blogs are perfect if you want to write about design, development, WordPress themes, and more.

  Name Topics DA Alexa Link
89 Smashing Magazine Web Design/Development 90 6,725
90 Tech Republic App Development 88 4,103
91 Creative Bloq Web Design 86 4,587
92 Sitepoint Web Design/Development 86 3,943
93 Template Monster Web Design 86 4,210
94 Hongkiat Web Design 86 10,244
95 CSS Tricks Tutorials/Instructions 85 7,276
96 WP Designer WordPress Web Design 83 2,236,141
97 Web Design Ledger Web Design 79 63,568
98 UX Booth Web Design, UX 74 119,934
99 A List Apart Web Design/Development 50 41,013
100 Fatbit Web Design/Development 42 17,521

Guest Post Pitching Tips

First impressions are everything, and when you’re pitching a guest blog you only have one chance to get it right.

Websites that accept guest posts receive hundreds to thousands of submissions and pitches per week, especially if you’re trying to land a spot with a huge brand or publisher.

Personalize Your Pitch

If possible, try and find out who is receiving your guest post pitch. Is it the blog owner, or an editor, or someone else entirely?

If you can tailor your pitch and personalize it to the person who will be receiving it, you have a leg up on all the other pitches they’ll read that day.

Let them know who you are, mention the things you have in common, and explain how you want to help their website and readers with your guest post.

Do Your Research

The key to getting your guest post pitch accepted is by first doing your research.

You should familiarize yourself with the publisher’s guest post guidelines as well as the content already on the website.

Don’t pitch a topic that’s already published or covered in-depth on the website, because you probably won’t get accepted.

Research what posts do particularly well with each brand by diving into the article comment sections and scoping them out on social media.

What articles or headlines get the most comments and shares? If you can emulate the most popular content, you’ll have an advantage with your pitch.

Create A Powerful Subject Line

Whether you’re pitching via a website contact form or sending an email, your subject line is everything. The subject line is the first thing the publisher or editor will see! You should put as much thought into crafting the perfect subject line as you do into creating blog titles and headlines.

Guest Post Pitch” or “Guest Post Idea” won’t stand out as much as a personalized subject line directly about your topic or the person receiving your pitch.

Structure Your Pitch

Your pitch should not only serve as a way to present topic and guest post ideas to a publication, it also serves as a way to prove your writing chops and personality.

Structure, edit, and format your pitch just like you would any blog post. Use short paragraphs, and ensure your grammar is correct. And make it easy and fun to read! Graphics like memes or gifs are perfectly fine if they’re relevant.

  • Introduction. Start your email with a brief introduction. Explain who you are and what your expertise is as it pertains to the particular niche or topic. Feel free to mention any credentials or relevant achievements.
  • Why Them? Explain why you chose this website specifically. Make this personable and related to their content, topics, and audience if possible.
  • Guest Post Topic Ideas. Provide a short list of catchy headlines for guest post topic ideas that you want to contribute to their website. You can also provide a brief description or subheading ideas for each topic or article. Providing more than one option gives the publisher a chance to choose what they’d like to see published.
  • Samples. Provide samples of previously published work, and be specific. Instead of saying “You can see my work at my website here”, link or attach specific pieces. It’s even better if you have published content that directly relates to your pitched topics.

Some guest posting websites prefer that you send your pitch and completed article all at the same time. When this is the case, you should have already written an article you’d like to see published and submit it with your pitch.

Your pitch should still be structured well and personalized, and you can still include other topic ideas in your pitch.

Large brands and websites that receive hundreds of submissions per week typically require you to send your article in along with your pitch, so you really only have one chance to get it right.

How to Write a Successful Guest Post

A successful guest post starts with the pitch, but it doesn’t stop there. Your guest post should be well-structured, search engine optimized, and provide new information or a different perspective on your topic or niche.

A successful guest post is beneficial to both the website that publishes it and to you or your brand. Here are some guest blog tips for maximum impact.

Read and Follow Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Almost every website that publishes guest post submissions has editorial or content guidelines. If you don’t follow the guidelines, your piece will likely not be published.

And, since every website is different, be sure to familiarize yourself with the guidelines before, during, and after your piece is written.

If they don’t allow backlinks or self-promotion, don’t self-promote. If they require writers to stick to a particular format, be sure your piece matches up.

While some websites have editorial guidelines on their submission pages, others have them on a dedicated page. Be sure you read the submissions page entirely.

Write For Their Audience

In your pre-pitch research, you should be gathering a good idea about what kind of person their posts speak to.

Do they write to consumers at the beginner stage, intermediate, or advanced? Or do they write for businesses?

Be sure your guest post is written to appeal to the people who will actually be reading it.

Solve a Problem or Teach Something

If your goal is to position yourself as an authority or gain more traffic and new followers, write a piece that either solves a problem or teaches the reader something valuable.

If your content is actionable and helpful, you have a better chance of positioning yourself as an authority on the topic. It also increases the likelihood of the readers seeking you out and following you on your own platform, or sharing your content with their network.

Optimize Your Content

Writing a search engine optimized piece is beneficial to both you and the website publishing it. Driving more traffic to the article boosts website traffic, and it increases your chance of getting more eyes on your content and more traffic back to your own website.

Optimize for a keyword and do your best to provide internal links to other relevant content on the publisher’s website. Link building will help increase their own SEO and save them work in the editing process.

Provide Images

Images and screenshots can help teach and engage readers. If your guest post is a tutorial, include screenshots and detailed instructions.

If not, include images that relate to the article and engage the reader by breaking up big walls of text or sections.

Providing the images yourself will save the website owner more time in the editorial process.

Call to Action

It’s almost always beneficial to include a call to action at the end of a guest post, even if self-promotion isn’t allowed. A call to action doesn’t always have to mean self-promotion, you can use different CTA ideas for different articles.

Call to action ideas include:

  • Encouraging readers to read related articles on the website
  • Encouraging readers to take action on the topic you wrote about
  • Asking readers to sign up for a freebie
  • Directing readers to follow you on social media
  • Encouraging readers to comment with questions or their experience
  • Ask readers to share the article on social media

The best way to utilize a call to action when guest posting is to direct readers to your own website or landing page. but when that isn’t allowed, encourage them to comment, share, etc.

Is Guest Blogging Worth It? 

Here’s a question for you: is the ability to have access to someone else’s established audience and subscriber base worth it to you? 

If your answer is yes, then guest blogging is absolutely worth it. 

Even if you land a guest post on a website that nofollows your links or removes them altogether, building brand awareness and getting in front of new audiences is a great tool for growing your brand. 

If your content resonates with another website’s readers, they will seek you out and follow you wherever they can, whether that be on social media or on your own website. 

Guest blogging takes work and a lot of time, but if you’re serious about growing your brand, it can be a powerful tool. Prolific guest bloggers know this well – that’s the reason you’ll notice some of the same author names coming up and over and over again during your guest posting website research. 

If you don’t have time to guest post yourself, consider outsourcing to a freelancer or agency that specializes in landing and writing great guest post submissions. 

Blogs That Accept Guest Posts: Final Thoughts

Guest posting is a truly powerful strategy for increasing brand awareness, giving your SEO efforts a boost, getting referral traffic, and increasing your own authority as an expert in your niche.

When you do it right, you can experience all the benefits of guest posting in a single post. A powerful guest posting strategy should focus on quality over quantity – most editors can tell when you are mass-pitching.

Do your research, craft a well-structured and personalized pitch, and create a stellar article. Be strategic about providing links, resources, and calls to action to reap the most benefits from your guest posting efforts.

Want someone else to find guest posting opportunities and build links for you?  You can try services like Niche Website Builders and Authority Builders to help you get more links.

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