20 Work at Home Jobs Paying $20 An Hour or MORE

Do you want to work at home making a great deal more than minimum wage? If so, this post should get your wheels turning. I have created a list of several companies that pay their workers $20 an hour or more to work at home.

It goes without saying, but when you’re talking about this kind of pay, you are almost always talking about companies that are more likely to require a very specific skill set or a college degree. It’s very rare to find a work at home job that pays in this range where you need no prior skills or experience to start.

And if you don’t have the right skills or experience to do the jobs listed below, keep in mind that at least now you know where the money is! So if you’re thinking of furthering your education in order to get higher-paying work, you know what industries to possibly focus on.

So with that said, let’s get on to the opportunities! As always, I cannot guarantee these companies are hiring right now, but if they are on the list, they have hired home-based workers in the past and paid $20 an hour or more.

Work at Home Jobs Paying $20+ Hourly

1 – VIPKid

If you have any “formal” or “informal” teaching experience such as mentoring, tutoring, coaching, or alternative education plus a bachelor’s degree in the US (except California) or Canada under your belt, you may qualify to tutor Chinese children in the English language with VIPKid.

This company claims there is potential to earn up to $22 hourly working for them. However, it is independent contractor work so your exact rate will depend on the time you put into it.

Go here to apply at VIPKid, or read our VIPKid review to learn more about it.

2 – 10UP

This is a web development company that allows all employees to work remotely. They have occasional openings for web and design engineers, designers, developers, etc.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary at this company is anywhere from $53K to $85K, which should work out to over $20 an hour.

Go here to see what jobs are open now with 10UP.

3 – Profit Factory

Sometimes has virtual assistant positions listed for other companies. Part-time, 20-25 hours per week, paying $20 per hour according to the job listing.

Go here to apply if they are currently hiring.

4 – Ovation Travel Group

Ovation Travel Group has occasional openings for VIP Travel Consultants. This is a remote, Monday through Friday opportunity that does require extensive corporate travel experience.

According to Glassdoor, pay ranges $30 – $32 / hour.

Go here to apply.

5 – A Pass Educational Group

Work remotely for A Pass Educational group as an educational subject matter expert. These positions appear to pay between $20 and $30 an hour.

Go here to check for job openings with A Pass Educational Group.

6 – Art & Logic

This company, which specializes in web and app development, is often looking for developers with great coding skills to add to their team. Everyone works at home in the US or Canada.

Pay is over $20 an hour, with some positions paying $30+ an hour.

Go here to check for job openings with Art & Logic.

7 – Scribe Media

This company often has remote positions listed that usually pay over $20 an hour, some are listed at $50 an hour. The positions come and go, so you’ll have to keep tabs on the site to see when they are open.

They are often looking for editors, proofreaders, book jacket designers, etc.

Go here to see if Scribe Media currently has openings.

8 – Buffer

Buffer provides web-based social media management solutions. They allow all their workers to work remotely, and they provide transparent salary information.

From this, you can see that the vast majority of their workers are likely making over $20 an hour. They hire for many different positions on occasion, from techy developer and engineering jobs to product/customer support.

Go here to apply at Buffer if they are hiring.

9 – Carenet

This company hires work at home registered nurses for telephone triage. Pay is around $25 an hour.

Go to Carenet’s jobs page to see if they’re hiring now.

10 – Chegg

Chegg pays their online tutors a starting rate of $20 an hour. It’s a flexible, work anytime job that pays weekly.

It appears that most of their tutors do the work part-time because it says on the site that the average amount earned by their tutors is $1,000 monthly.

You can read our overview of tutoring jobs at Chegg for more info on how it works, or go here to start applying to work for them.

11 – Travel Leaders Group

Corporate travel specialists that work at home for Travel Leaders Group can earn $20 – $22 hourly according to Glassdoor.

You must have at least 5 years experience in travel sales and customer service, as well as Worldspan GDS experience.

Go here to apply.

12 – Scribendi

This company regularly hires freelance editors and proofreaders to work at home. According to Glassdoor, contractors working for this company average around $25 an hour.

To qualify, you must have a university degree and three years of relevant experience. They cannot accept workers living in the US States of California, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Colorado, New Jersey, Wyoming, South Dakota, West Virginia, Hawaii, New Mexico, or New Hampshire.

Go here to apply at Scribendi, or read our Scribendi review.

13 – Github

Github is a software company that allows many of its employees to work remotely. They have regular openings for techy positions like developers, engineers, etc. as well as some customer support positions.

Per Glassdoor, most Github positions provide a salary of over $60K per year.

See if Github currently has openings here.

14 – InDemand Interpreting

InDemand Interpreting, also known as Stratus, has openings for remote video medical interpreters on occasion.

This is flexible work paying $1 per minute. Although I could not find any salary averages for this company on Glassdoor, it seems that $20 an hour may be possible.

Go here to apply.

15 – Wordvice

This company is regularly hiring work at home editors. Per the job description, you will “Edit and proofread academic papers, admissions essays, and other documents for grammar and mechanics issues and ensure natural language and flow of communication.”

English fluency, 2+ years professional editing experience, and MS Word proficiency all required. Must be enrolled in or have completed a graduate degree program. According to Glassdoor, pay should work out to around $29 – $31 / hour.

Go here to apply.

16 – Magoosh

They regularly hire remote test prep experts who help out students with questions regarding the GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, and TOEFL tests. They are not always hiring for this.

It’s a contract position paying $20 hourly on weekdays and $25 hourly on weekends.

Must have a BA or BS, a high score on the SAT, GRE, or GMAT, and teaching or tutoring experience.

Go here to see if the job is open.

17 – Manhattan Prep

You may be able to work as an instructor for Manhattan Prep and earn $100 an hour. The company is highly selective and not all jobs are remote. Keep tabs on their jobs page for the remote positions.

Go here to check for openings.

18 – QKids

This company hires online ESL tutors in the US & Canada.

Bachelor’s or current enrollment in university program is required. Prior teaching experience or equivalent in education/tutoring/mentoring/homeschooling preferred but not required.

Must have stable internet and a computer with microphone and webcam.

It is possible to earn up to $20 hourly, but the exact amount you earn will depend on how much you can work.

Go here to apply, or read our QKids review here.

19 – Revolution Prep

This is an education company that provides online tutoring/teaching services to students in grades 6-12. They pay their work at home professional tutors $20 an hour.

Prior teaching experience is required and a bachelor’s degree is preferred.

Go here to check for current openings.

20 – SitePen

SitePen allows their workers to work remotely. They have occasional openings for software engineering, project management, javascript engineering, and web development. Per Glassdoor, these positions pay over $80K per year.

Go here to apply at SitePen if they’re hiring and you meet their qualifications.

And there you have it! I’d love to add some more companies to this list if you want to help me out and comment below with the names of companies you’re familiar with that pay $20 an hour or more to work at home.

If you’re finding that you’re not qualified for most of the positions above, I also have a list with work at home jobs paying $10 hourly and work at home jobs paying $12 hourly that you may want to browse for more options.

Looking For More Legit Work at Home Jobs?

Be sure to check out my e-book with a list of 150 companies that regularly hire home-based workers, plus step-by-step instructions to help you find even more work at home jobs.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do!

Do you need to make quite a bit more than minimum wage? Here's a list of work at home jobs paying $20 an hour and MORE.

This post originally published on June 30, 2016. Updated and republished on March 16, 2020.

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