40 Healthy Meal Prep Snack Ideas

Often times snacks are something you grab on an unplanned basis when you are in a hurry and that is why they are often just easy processed foods that aren’t healthy for you. The idea behind deciding to meal plan and meal prep snacks is to help make sure you have healthy choices on hand that are easy to grab when you are hungry and don’t have time to think about what you want or to make it. Today, I will share several ideas for healthy convenience foods. Instead of grabbing fast food and individually packaged products just to save time, try these meal prep snack ideas.

healthy meal prep snacks

How To Meal Prep Snacks:

It is so easy to meal prep snacks! You just need two things:

1.    Reusable containers with lids in small sizes.
2.    A very small time investment once a week.

Reusable containers are necessary to store the snacks in convenient pre-portioned amounts so you will have them ready for grab and go. You can use any containers you want really, but I suggest reusable containers to cut down on waste. The hard exteriors of these reusable containers will also help protect the fragile snacks inside. You can use small mason jars, glass pyrex containers with lids, bento boxes, stainless steel containers, or even reuse plastic to go containers.

As far as a time investment, you can choose one day a week to meal prep snacks for the rest of the week. You can complete this whole process in under 20 minutes and you get faster the more you do it! You will just chose a few snacks to prep and you can use my meal prep snack ideas list to make that easy. Then you just prepare, portion, and package them into containers for the week.

How many snacks you prep depends on how many people you are preparing them for and how many snacks a day you each have. So for example, the average single person may want to prep 5 snacks a week to help them get through their busy work days.

Benefits Of Snack Meal Prep

Eco-Friendly. By choosing to use reusable containers to pack your own healthy convenience foods, you will save on all of the packaging waste that are prevalent in most store bought on-the-go convenience foods.

Healthier. Packing fresher and organic snack foods is also a great benefit for a healthier lifestyle.

Portion Control. Having snacks portioned out helps to keep you from mindlessly consuming out of a large back with no idea how much you have really had.

Saves Money. Choosing eco-friendly and healthy snacks may also save you money, since individually packaged items can be more expensive than buying larger quantities.

meal prep snack ideas

Meal Prep Snack Ideas

Once a week, get out your stack of reusable containers and pack them with healthy goodies. This could be a great family activity to get the children learning about and involved in food preparation. Additionally, it can be wonderful bonding time. I hope you enjoy these Healthy Meal prep snacks!

Here are a few meal prep snack ideas for on-the-go healthy convenience foods that both children and adults can enjoy. They can all stand alone or be combined for more snacking fun. They are a healthier and greener alternative to fast food snacks and they will leave your body feeling better.

1.    Whole fruit (no packaging required, so it’s easy to grab and go)
2.    Sliced fruit (especially great for toddlers)
3.    Vegetables (carrots, cherry tomatoes, celery, bell peppers, cucumbers, etc.)
4.    Vegetables with dip (peanut butter, cream cheese, or hummus)
5.    Thick slices of cold cuts cut up into bite size pieces
6.    Cheese cut up into bite size pieces
7.    Multigrain crackers
8.    Multigrain bread
9.    Oatmeal cookies
10.   Boiled eggs
11.   Deviled eggs (Put the two halves back together so they don’t make a mess when storing)
12.   Egg salad
13.   Yogurt
14.   Granola
15.   Trail mix 
16.   Cereal
17.   Popcorn
18.   Healthy chips (such as soy chips, root chips, etc)
19.   Banana bread
20.   Dried fruit
21. Nuts
22. Cucumber sandwiches
23. Fruit Rollups
24. Caprese Salad
25. Vegan Four Bean Salad
26. Fruit and Cheese toothpick kabobs
27. Whole grain pretzels
28. Chocolate peanut butter balls
29. Pasta salad
30. Tuna salad
31. Potato salad
32. Mini peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
33. Muffins
34. Zucchini bread
35. Beef Jerky
36. Chia pudding
37. Quinoa salad
38. Pita triangles or chips
39. Olives
40. Pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds


I hope these healthy meal prep snacks inspire you to plan your snacks out for healthier choices and better portions. I have also made a handy dandy printable for you below. Just drag the image to your desktop, click on it, then select file, and print. Or pin it to Pinterest so you can never lose it!

meal prep snacks printable

What is your favorite on-the-go healthy convenience food? Which of these meal prep snack ideas do you plan to try first?

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