5 Romance-Related Ways To Work From Home

Love is in the air. Spring will soon be sprung. And Valentine’s Day is here once again. It’s hard not to think about love and romance when it’s all around us this time of year; and if you have an entrepreneurial spirit like I do, you’re likely wondering how you can monetize the romance revolution while still working from home!

Never fear – we’ve researched the best ways to create income during the Month of Love – and beyond! Read on to learn more about our top five romance-related ways to earn money in Q1:

5 Romance-Related Ways To Earn Money From Home

1 – Become a Wedding Planner 

This may be a bit of a career change – and may require some training – but you can work as a wedding planner from home! This is especially true if you’re a romantic at heart and love weddings. Personally, I can’t get enough of a good wedding, and always, always cry at them.

Starting a wedding planning business is similar to starting any business – i.e., you need to start with a good website. Come up with your business name, file the necessary articles of incorporation in your state, and register your website with a domain like Squarespace.com, which has beautiful, easy-to-use templates.

Once you create your website and have all your t’s crossed and i’s dotted, you can start advertising on social media. Commit to a social media advertising and marketing goal weekly and monthly.

Also, ask around – are your friends or family members getting married? If you’ve never planned a wedding before, offer to do so at a steeply discounted rate, just to get your feet wet and start getting some reviews on popular platforms like Yelp! and Google. Word of mouth truly works!

Lastly, start reaching out to people on LinkedIn (and make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date!). Ask other wedding planners how they got started in the business. Reach out to florists, event spaces, event planners – even DJ’s! Ask them to recommend your services and direct them to your website.

All of this, of course, can be done from home on your own (and, well, the bride’s and groom’s) time. If it seems like a lot of work, keep in mind that you can make around $2k per month part-time!

2 – Write Romance Novels 

Yes, you can absolutely write romance novels for a living! Writers come in all different stripes, and romance writing is a specific niche that many people can fall into. If you think about novels like 50 Shades of Grey, and the fact that the writer of those novels started out writing them as fanfiction for Twilight, hopefully you can see that romance novel writing can be easily accessible for many writers.

Real Ways to Earn interviewed romance writer Yuwanda Black a while back (read the interview here) and dove into some details on her experience as a romance writer, what she earned, and in general, how to be successful if you’re going to commit to the craft. Now, Black makes between $5k and $10k per month as a romance author and has additional income from other clients. The romance and erotica industry rakes in about $1.44 billion in profit, so it’s a flush industry to be in!

Again, if you’re like me, you’re probably sitting here thinking, “Well, I am/can be a freelance writer with a bunch of clients, but who has the time to write a book?” 

Black states that she writes romance novellas, which are “works of narrative prose; longer than a short story, but shorter than a novel,” according to Wikipedia. You can expect a novella to fall between 15,000 and 40,000 words, or approximately 30 to 80 pages, single-spaced. If you’re a writer, that’s not too shabby – and great practice for when you do write The Great American Novel – or, at least, The Great American Romance Novella!

You can check out Yuwanda’s popular e-course on earning income by self-publishing romance novels here.

3 – Work as a Matchmaker for Tawkify 

Are you the go-to person in your friend group to set folks up on first – or even blind – dates? Then you might just be the perfect person to work as a matchmaker for matching service Tawiky

Why are we mentioning Tawkify? Because we’ve already reviewed Tawkify.

On average, working for Tawkify means you’ll likely make between $10-$12 per hour, which is likely not a sustainable rate, and you’ll need supplemental income (keep reading for more on that!).

Matchmakers earn, on average, about $100 per date, but if you spend an average of 8 hours matching folks, then the hourly rate is likely to be lower, so keep that in mind when considering this role.

4 – Get Paid to Write Romantic Greeting Card Copy 

Ever tried your hand at writing greeting card copy? What about romantic greeting card copy? It’s a fun process! In my experience, you have to submit several pieces of copy for consideration by the greeting card company and if they like your writing, you may see it pop up soon in a Hallmark store! 

We’ve written a lot more about getting paid to write greeting cards if you’re interested in learning more about it. Some accepted submissions can pay upwards of $100. Not bad!

5 – Get Paid to Write Dating Profiles 

Feel like you could write a really good dating profile, even if you’re happily coupled up? Me too!

Now, you can get paid to do it via companies like e-Cyrano (this one has little info available other than one bad review, although it’s been promoted on some popular media platforms like The New York Times and CNN), and VIDA Select. Fees vary between these two sites, and you will have to interview the dating pool, so bear that in mind. 

We will have a post coming soon with a breakdown of some more sites that pay you to write dating profiles.

So that wraps up our post! I hope you’ve found some interesting ideas for “romantic” ways to earn money at home or online

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Are you looking for romance related ways to work from home? We've listed five options -- everything from online matchmaking to writing dating profiles! #workfromhome #romance #valentinesday


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