8 Ways to Earn an Extra $100 Per Week From Home

Making extra money from home doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. In fact, you can easily earn $100 per week from home doing short tasks in your spare time.

Earning $100 per week may not sound like much, but that’s $400 per month or $4,800 per year. Imagine what you could do with the extra money, whether it’s used to supplement bills, pay off debt, or fund a nice vacation.

If you’re ready to start earning money remotely, here are eight ways to make an extra $100 per week from home.

Taking surveys is one of the easiest ways to make money online. As long as you’re willing to share your opinion, you can make money by answering general questions online. Some survey sites even have an app version so you can make money from your phone or tablet.

To maximize your earnings with surveys, make sure you sign up with multiple quality sites. The best survey sites pay cash for surveys and at least give you some points for the time you spend filling out pre-qualifying questionnaires to see if you’re a good fit for a paid survey.

A few good survey sites to start with include:

Focus groups are a little different than surveys, but they still provide an opportunity to get paid for your opinion. Generally, focus groups have always been offered in-person in group settings. Brands pay you to share your opinion and converse with others about specific topics, products, and services.

However, some focus group sites provide online opportunities to earn money for your opinion. Focus groups tend to pay more than survey sites, and you can expect to make anywhere from $50-$200 per hour of your time.

Sites like Respondent, L&E Research, and Mindswarms are all great places to find virtual focus group opportunities that you can do from home.

3. Test Websites

Another easy way to earn $100 per week is by testing websites. You’ll need a laptop with a built-in mic and webcam or computer along with a solid internet connection.

Most tests take 5-25 minutes to complete, and you can earn an average of $10 per test with sites like UserTesting. UserTesting will also pay more for longer tests so you could get paid as much as $60 per test.

Learn more about which sites pay you to test other people’s websites here.

Love social media? Social platforms are not going anywhere anytime soon, and several jobs have even been created thanks to social media. You can schedule social media posts for businesses and entrepreneurs for extra money. You can also create Pinterest images for websites, or monitor Facebook groups and respond to comments.

Some companies that can help you get started with work-from-home social media jobs include:

5. Search Engine Evaluator

Have you ever wondered how Google seems to know everything and come up with relevant resources for your search each time? Search engine evaluators analyze the search results to make sure they are accurate and helpful to users.

This is a steady work-from-home job you can do to easily earn $100 per week or more. Search engine evaluators tend to make $12-$15 per hour. Some companies that hire search engine evaluators to work-from-home include:

6. Transcription Work

Transcriptionists take video and audio content and turn it into a written document. If you can type efficiently, you may enjoy working from home as a transcriptionist. Some of the most common types of transcription work are: general, legal, and medical.

Transcriptionists typically get paid per-audio-minute and not per hour, but it depends on which company you work for. Some of the best places to find work-from-home transcription jobs include:

8 Ways to Earn an Extra $100 Per Week From Home

7. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog, set a goal to earn $100 per week or more with affiliate marketing. Promote products and services you love with a unique affiliate link to make money with your blog, YouTube channel, or on social media.

To earn more money with affiliate marketing, you’ll want to increase your traffic and apply for affiliates with higher payouts. For example, if you sign up with an affiliate that pays $50 per sign-up, you only need to make two sales per week to earn $100.

You can market your affiliates to your email list by posting product reviews, sharing tutorials, or offering promotions.

If you’d like to work-from-home as a tutor, there plenty of opportunities to help you earn some extra cash. Cambly pays tutors by the minute, and you make around $10.20 per hour. Chegg Tutors also hires tutors to teach high school students and pays around $20 per hour.

Other online tutoring jobs to consider include:


If you have a few extra hours each week, you can easily earn $100 consistently from home. All of these ideas are flexible and allow you to create your own schedule. Consider what your interests and current skills are to narrow down your options. Just be sure to try out multiple sites if you’re looking to take surveys, test websites, or apply for focus groups. That way, you can maximize your earning potential without spending too much extra time looking for opportunities.

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