adidas Is Having a Secret Sale On Activewear Right Now

On the hunt for some stylish activewear to keep you motivated? Look no further. Right now, adidas’ sale section is filled with a bunch of great pieces to take your at-home workout to the next level.

As one of the biggest fittest brands around, adidas is known for making clothes and sneakers that look good and are actually comfortable. Whether you want to pick up a new pair of sneakers, stock up on leggings, or buy yet another pair of sweats (um, yes please), the adidas sale section has something for everyone.

To help, check out these 10 deals worth adding to your cart.

1/Women’s Solar Glide ST 19

Buy It

Women’s Solar Glide ST 19

R 1 399

Buy It

Made with adidas’ cushioning Boost technology, these sneakers will literally add some pep to your step.

2/Burnout Graphic Tee

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Burnout Graphic Tee

R 349

Buy It

Found: A plain T-shirt that will transition nicely from your Zoom meeting to your virtual workout.

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3/Women’s Originals Team Court Shoes

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Women’s Originals Team Court Shoes

R 799

Buy It

Take your love of adidas beyond your workout with these fresh white sneakers. They’ll add some curb appeal to your outfit — you know, for your next walk around the block.

4/Women’s Originals Track Top

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Women’s Originals Track Top

R 849

Buy It

This cosy jacket is perfect for a brisk walk outside — or lounging on your couch

5/Women’s Training Farm Rio Bra

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Women’s Training Farm Rio Bra

R 329

Buy It

Expect to receive a lot of compliments on this sports bra during your next virtual sweat session.

6/Women’s adidas Terrex AX3 Shoes

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Women’s adidas Terrex AX3 Shoes

R 899

Buy It

Adventure loading — these lightweight shoes are built for speed across rugged terrain.

7/Women’s Training Believe This Primeblue 7/8 Tights

Buy Now

Women’s Training Believe This Primeblue 7/8 Tights

R 649

Buy Now

If you ask me, you can never have too many pairs of leggings. So, why not add this colourful style to your collection (it’s made from recycled materials too)?

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8/Run Bottle Bag

There’s enough storage space for your phone, keys and snacks making this the perfect belt for those long runs or walks.

9/Women’s Originals Pants

Buy It

Women’s Originals Pants

R 649

Buy It

If you want to spend the foreseeable future lounging and watching Netflix, you’ll get a lot of mileage out of these ridiculously comfortable sweats.

10/Rise Up N Run Jacket

Buy It

Rise Up N Run Jacket

R 949

Buy It

Lace-up, zip up and head out! This running jacket is made from sweat-wicking fabric and will keep you toasty in the cold winter air.

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