Amendments to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules in effect from 1 October, 2020

The Union Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH), recently issued notifications regarding various amendments to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (1989), which come in effect from October 1, 2020.

  • IT services and electronic monitoring to ensure better enforcement of traffic rules
  • Electronically validated vehicle documents not to be demanded in physical form
  • Mobile phones to be used solely for route navigation while driving

What the amendments are for:

The amendments are largely centred around the digitisation of driver and vehicle documents, and streamlining processes related to this, such as the issuance of e-challans, maintaining records, license disqualifications, and updated rules for the use of mobile phones while driving.

MoRTH stated in a release, that the new rules, “would ensure better enforcement of traffic rules”, through the use of IT services and electronic monitoring, and curb “harassment of drivers and citizens”.

The new amendments

No physical verification of documents will be required, if they are found validated through online Government portals. The documents shall not be demanded for inspection in physical form, even in the case of offenses necessitating seizure of any such documents. In case documents are demanded for inspection, officers, whether in uniform, or authorised by the state government, must record the date, timestamp, and their identity on the MoRTH portal. This is in order to help curb unnecessary re-checking or inspection of vehicles and rid motorists of harassment.

In addition to details of vehicle documents, details of driving licenses that have been disqualified or revoked by licensing authorities shall also be recorded chronologically on the portal and maintained electronically on a regular basis. Driver behaviour will also be monitored, in line with this.

The new rules also mandate the use of mobile phones only for route navigation while driving, in a manner that does not distract the motorist from the road or affect their concentration while driving.

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