Beautiful Bathroom Shower Ideas For Your Remodel

Let’s face it, bathrooms are an important part of our homes. They get a lot of use and they serve many purposes. You want your bathroom to function well and look great. You want to be able to get ready for your day but you also want to be able to enjoy the experience. That is why bathrooms keep advancing in fixtures, design, and lighting. If we can feel like we are at the spa while we prepare, well that makes the experience more enjoyable. Here are several bathroom shower ideas to consider if you are planning a remodel.

Out of all the rooms to remodel that pay off the most, the kitchen and the bathroom are usually top of the list. This is because they get so much use and provide so much enjoyment for homeowners.  Furthermore, when you go to sell your house, those are major home improvement areas that attract buyers. Additionally, the shower area has become a more important feature than ever. So many people are opting for showers over baths on a daily basis. Here are a few bathroom shower ideas and trends to consider.

Creating The Perfect Bathroom Oasis? 10 Bathroom Shower Ideas To Inspire You

My master bathroom was designed in the 80s and it shows.  Features like a fiberglass shower insert and  low countertops really date my bathroom so I have been planning the remodel in my head.  I have been keeping my eyes peeled at the luxurious hotels that I sometimes stay in for business and taking notes on the hot new bathroom trends. I have also attended the Nashville Home Show and seen what luxurious bathroom statements designers are building these days.  Here are a few ideas I have gathered from my hands on research and from interior designers.

1. Free Standing Shower Stall or Shower Enclosures.

Free standing showers (without the tub attached) are becoming a very popular option because they appeal to many types of people.  If you are looking to save space, a shower stall can take up less room than a tub. This is the case for us in the bathroom my husband is building in our basement. My husband ordered a corner shower stall and shower base online and he had a plumber do the pipes before he installed it. He is also doing shower tile work and using glass enclosures to give it a more upscale feel.

A shower enclosure also appeals to those looking to create a spacious, luxurious feel for the bathroom. Shower enclosures can be all sorts of sizes and shapes and many people enjoy not having to step over the bathtub lip as well as having more options such dual shower heads. Frameless showers make your bathroom look bigger and help homeowners to age in place.  A frameless shower door creates the appearance of a more open, spacious room.

2. Tiled Showers

Rather than choosing a prefabricated shower enclosure, custom built tile showers are winning popularity because they can create such a beautiful atmosphere. Mediterranean inspired tiles can give a touch of charm and class to your bathroom. Fun ceramic tile shapes and mosaic tile patterns are popular right now as are accent tiles with a touch of glitz or metallic finish. This is your chance to go highlight beautiful stone tiles or shower tiles in a herringbone pattern. This is a stunning visual that also offers the functionality of protecting your floor and walls, and even ceiling as you can see in the photo below, against water damage.

Out of all these bathroom shower ideas, I just love the look of a fancy tiled shower. And the great thing about this trendy shower idea is that it works for even a small bathroom! You can see here how the white subway tile looks fantastic and makes a small space feel spacious.

shower glass doors
This beautiful shower from The Pleated Poppy features glass doors, dual shower heads, and pretty white tile.

3. Glass Shower Door

Glass shower enclosure and doors are the hot trend in shower designs right now because they let in so much natural light and they allow the bathroom to appear bigger because there is no shower curtain blocking the view or distracting from the decor. The walk in shower below becomes a beautiful focal point with the glass shower door making a shower curtain obsolete and not blocking anything out. After all it a stunning visual to be able to see the dark wooden floor tiles juxtaposed against the marbled white tiles of the shower.

4. Body Sprays & Multiple Shower Heads

In HGTV’s article, 10 Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value, they suggest, “Upgrade your bath area. With an 85 percent return, install a shower with body sprays and stone surround tile. If you are not selling right away, you will feel like you are in a Zen garden every time you step into your bathroom.” Rainfall shower heads are a big trend to just get a really relaxing shower and body sprays are popular for a massage spa experience. Some people are even splurging on steam showers. A shower bench is a great feature too to sit down and feel the spray.

5. Seated Shower

Adding a seat to the shower, creates a relaxing place to sit and let the water wash over you. It can also be great for shaving legs. It is another of the bathroom shower ideas that helps with aging in place. In fact, this option is recommended by experts for elderly care. I also love the built in storage space in this shower so you have a spot for all your shower toiletries.

6. Roman Shower

This is one of my favorite bathroom shower ideas. I love Roman showers. I so want one. The bathroom floor slopes slightly toward the drain so there is no rim to step over in a Roman Shower. When I first visited Rome many years ago, I actually saw this for myself for the first time. In a crowded city like Rome, space is at a premium so tiny bathrooms are common and a roman shower makes the most of the space. I went in the bathroom and there, in the corner, was the shower head- no lip, no shower curtain, no doors! I was amazed and called my husband to show him this strange sight. He was raised in Italy so he saw no big deal but for me I was flabbergasted! This type of doorless shower is hot and they are becoming popular choices lately.  Additionally, no door means less cleaning!

7. Shower Technology

We have all heard of singing in the shower but now you can sing along to speakers! You can even find showerheads with a built in wireless speaker that streams your personalized music playlists and syncs with Bluetooth enabled devices. Tech advances even include taking calls while in the shower (is that really an advance?- count me out) and color therapy lights!

square shower fixtures
I love the gorgeous square shower fixtures in this clean, modern bathroom by Beth Haley Design. Photo by Reid Rolls Photography.

8. Square Shaped Fixtures

Squares are a edgey look that will set your bathroom apart. They work well in contemporary bathroom designs for a chic, modern look to your shower space.

9. Shower Lighting

It’s on trend to put light fixtures in the shower instead of relying on the bathroom’s main overhead light. I love this idea and it can be executed in multiple fun ways to get your lighting just right or to add a bit to your decor. Houzz has some great photos to inspire you.

Shower recessed shelf
I love the large recessed shelf and the fun stone mosaic blend on the shower floor in this transitional Victorian remodel by Beth Haley Design. Photo by Reid Rolls.

10. Recessed Shower Shelf For Luxe Products & Accessories

A recessed Shower Shelf in the shower walls is great for providing a place to store your bathing products and your luxe accessories. Furthermore, these wall niches are practical and can add that finishing touch and upscale bathroom feel to your bathroom oasis.

shower designs
I adore this Brentwood bathroom renovation by Beth Haley Design. Every single detail is perfect! Photographed by Andrea Behrends

Favorite Shower Ideas For Your Remodel

Any and all of these shower ideas will just be stunning compared to our current fiberglass insert. Tile showers feel better and look so much prettier which really adds to the visual effect of the rest of bathroom!  Our shower glass door is currently frosted and I want a clear glass walls when we remodel the bathroom. The clear glass panels look goes a long way towards making things feel more open and spacious and it also shows off the beautiful shower tile work. Which of these shower design ideas was your favorite?

Of course, now that you have the perfect bathroom shower ideas in mind, you will probably want to check out ideas for your free-standing bathtub as well!  I know I do.  My contractor suggested we take out the huge old jet tub we have replace it with a more sleek, deep model and hang a chandelier over it.  Sounds good to me!

I hope you enjoyed these bathroom shower design ideas. Are you considering a bathroom remodel? Which ones do you think you will incorporate in your unique style and modern bathroom design?

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