Best Safety Blades And Box Openers For The Whole Family

My grandmother always told me, “It is better to be safe than sorry”. It is a message I took to heart then and even more so now that I am a mom. Unexpected trips to the Emergency Room are absolutely never fun and never cheap. That is why I am happy to review a fabulous brand that has innovative tools that bring safety to the forefront of all their designs- Slice, Inc. They make durable, effective, cutting tools with ceramic blades- everything from the best safety box cutter to precision knives to ceramic scissors.

slice products

About Slice Products

Since 2008, Slice® has developed a collection of safety cutters that increase productivity and reduce injuries. In fact, Slice products are award-winning. The Slice J-hook box cutters have won the Red Dot Design Awards. The Slice Precision Cutter has won the Good Design Award. Furthermore, Slice tools are used by over half the Fortune 1000 to reduce injuries and lower costs. Their safety box cutters are available to individuals and companies a like. They make products powerful enough for everyday industry use as well as tools that are focused on making our tasks at home easier and safer.

Slice collaborates with acclaimed designers to reimagine every aspect of the tools they make from the perspective of safety, ergonomics, and efficiency. Another one of the things that sets Slice tools apart is that they feature ceramic blade technology. The quick video below is worth a 1000 words!

Advantages Of The Slice Ceramic Blade

Slice developed ceramic micro-blade technology with box cutters safety in mind. The ceramic blade is a much safer alternative to the traditional stainless steel blade that is featured in most box cutters and utility knives. The largest advantage of the ceramic blande is that is finger-friendly. In other words, the ceramic blades is much less likely to result in injuries.

If you are curious about how and why ceramic blades are safer, here is the technical explanation:

“Slice uses 100 percent zirconium oxide, an extremely hard material that doesn’t need to be oversharpened in order to maintain its edge. This allowed us to develop a proprietary grind that creates a finger-friendly, touchable blade that holds it edge an average of 11.2 times longer than steel…The grind angles create a blade that cuts materials effectively, but resists cutting skin. Slice blades disperse their pressure, requiring much more force to pierce skin’s tough outer layer than narrow steel blades.”

While other blades, both metal blades and zirconium oxide blades (ceramic blades), can cut the skin, what makes Slice blades different is the grinding process that creates a safety edge. In simpler terms, the Slice ceramic blade has a smaller initial cutting zone. This means it gets an extremely sharp cut but it doesn’t puncture too deep. This safety feature helps prevent deep lacerations that other blades can inflict.

There are several more advantages to users of the ceramic razor blade because they:

  • Never rust so you don’t have to worry about rusty blades
  • Hold their edge 10+ times longer than steel
  • Don’t require any oily coating or lubricant
  • Are non-sparking, non-conductive, and non-magnetic (safer around electricity)
  • Are maintenance-free
  • Don’t require sharps box disposal

Slice Safety Cutter Reviews

Slice provided me with several types of safe box cutters in order to facilitate this review. Whether you want to open boxes while protecting box contents and preventing work related injuries or if you’d like to do some some precision craft cuts, Slice has you covered.

slice safety blade box cutter

Slice Manual Box Cutter

This Slice Box Cutter features the J hook. Are wondering what the benefit of this shape is? Well as Pursuitist says, “As you’re weighing your box cutter options, consider investing in one that has a protective, ergonomic J-hook handle. This handle type keeps your fingers safe while you work.” This ergonomic design also has a non slip grip for added comfort and safety. It also provides “the perfect angle to minimize muscular effort and wrist strain”. This safety box cutter has a shallow cutting depth by design: this minimizes blade exposure, protecting you and the contents of your box.  And don’t worry, it is still plenty sharp! I tested it out on hard plastic packaging and it sliced through with no problem at all. It features manual retraction with two cutting positions. Most box cutters require reviewing some safety tips for proper ways to use them. With Slice, box cutter safety is no longer such a big worry. I’d rate this as the safest box cutter around. Slice ceramic replacement blades are available.

safety box cutter

Slice Manual Mini Cutter

The Manual Mini Cutter is one of the most versatile cutting tools. Its small plastic handle makes it convenient to carry around as it is lightweight and fits in your pocket. The ceramic blade is still very powerful and provides an easy cut. This multi-use tool has an ambidextrous design and can be adjusted for right- or left-handed use, with a switch blade slot for lefties. This safety utility knife has so many uses from opening boxes to slice through bubble wrap to cutting a straight edge on a sheet of paper. The Slice ceramic blade safety cutter should be in everyone’s craft box and/or tool box.

precision cutter

Slice Precision Cutter

At first, you wouldn’t even know this is a precision cutter. In fact this Slice knife looks more like a pen! But this pen cutter works just like magic for precision cuts. The handle design includes a no-roll shaft and comfortable grips for excellent control. The precision cutter is ideal for precise cuts made to paper, clamshell packaging, RC Vinyl, and other thin materials. This will be perfect for craft and school projects.

ceramic blade

Slice Safety Cutter With Micro-Ceramic-Blade

The Slice 00200 Safety Cutter is one of the first tools Slice designed and it remains one of the most popular. This small plastic tool has a micro ceramic blade but you will be amazed at how easy it is to slice open your bags from Amazon! It also works great on airtight plastic packaging. It also excels at opening packing tape and packaging, and shipping list plastic pockets. Its micro-ceramic blade cuts thin materials effectively while safeguarding fingers with Slice’s signature finger-friendly® edge.

ceramic blade safety scissors

Slice Ceramic Scissors

These are some fabulous safety scissors. They feel comfortable and they make a sharp, clean cut. Slice 10544 Ceramic Scissors cut materials effectively, however they resist cutting skin. They can be used in home and educational settings. These lightweight scissors are ambidextrous, durable, and entirely maintenance-free. The finger-friendly edge stays sharp 11x longer than metal scissors.

Where Can You Get Slice Safety Blades?

Slice products are available on the official Slice website with FREE SHIPPING on orders over $20. Here is a link for their safety box cutter.

You can also find Slice Inc. tools at stores such as Office Depot, Walmart, Lowe’s, and Amazon.

They have great bundles if you want to treat dad to some cool new tools for Father’s Day. Or if you are planning a move, the Slice box openers would be indispensable for keeping the whole family safe.


I hope my safety knife box cutter review was helpful. I absolutely love my safety box cutter from Slice. It just makes sense. As someone who used to work with utility knives and box cutters on a daily basis in my old job as a retail store manager, I can tell you these products just makes sense. As a mom, these safety box cutters are a must have. Would you like to try a safety blade box cutter?

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