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How to Find Remote Jobs in Google? a DEMO by Jomar Hilario,

If you are looking for answers to work to find clients, how can you position yourself to be a person that they want to hire? Then Welcome to my show today. So I’m also going to do a demo on where you can actually find these clients. Because I’m just not going to tell you, oh, this is the place to go getting dinner man, we’re going to look for the clients together,
trying to look for clients. And the way I do it, because I know a lot of people are actually thinking of this. So this is so inefficient. This is so slow. I don’t know if I can do this. Thank you, Shawn. For the chocolate sauce chance come giving me the chocolate. Thank you very much for the chocolate, Shawn. So yeah, make this is an idea. So you can
figure out the career you should be pursuing.
Again, my name is Jomar Hilario, I’m the author of the book virtual care ers. Look for overlooked places where you can find the jobs and the demand, break this show into three parts. The first part is the hard way and go to Google, and you need to understand the concept of marketing stacks. And so that’s the term marketing stacks. When you look for marketing stuffs online, you will find a ton of websites describing what those things are. So marketing stacks, are a group of apps that these companies have put together to render marketing. Okay, so that’s a marketing stack. So an example of a marketing stuff would be WordPress, on top of Hostgator, WordPress, running off, pot jar, and WordPress,
that’s this a for app marketing stuff. If you’re a beginner in the world of virtual careers, you definitely don’t have a lot of knowledge, what apps are used by companies, I just click on this one, which came in Google and you’re given like, a ton of pictures from the status. Now what is stack is an award for marketing stacks. So these are essentially for nerds. It teaches you What does this company use
as their app to run their online business
to the value of the marketing staff. Each one of these marketing staff identifies a company. And most of these companies will go here.
I click on the Cisco stuff. So
most of the companies you see here, they hire virtual assistants. They probably call you freelancer. They probably call you remote worker. But definitely, they hire. But not all. All you got to do is make sure you visit each one of these websites. In searching the internet, I found this thing called Mark tech, which is the marketing marketing technology summit. And in this conference, there are sponsors and exhibitors, and each one of these exhibitors have websites. And almost all of these like Brightcove, you can actually go to their websites, I’m going to start looking for3:11  
possible openings for these companies. Now
some of these companies will probably not be able to hire you because they don’t they’re not interested in remote. But if you find a company interested in remote, you’ll see it Okay,
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