Festive trash fire apparel for the holidays

It’s awful but also the best.

The most 2020 thing about 2020 is telling people what “the most 2020 thing about 2020” is. Did that make sense? This year was awful, is my point. You could call it a “trash fire” if you wanted and people would simply nod in agreement, or maybe chime in with something like “you can say that again.” I bet a lot of conversations like that will happen around this line of festive trash fire shirts, available now at Woot! for a discounted price until midnight on Wednesday.

Most Wonderful Time of the Year – woot.com

15.00Shop Now

Most Wonderful Time of the Year Apron – woot.com

24.99Shop Now

Most Wonderful Time of the Year Large Gift Sack – woot.com

29.99Shop Now

Most Wonderful Time of the Year 3′ x 2′ Rug – woot.com

29.99Shop Now

Just look at that face. The mischievous little anime grin. The glassy eyes. This flaming christmas tree dumpster monster is having a great time, and it would behoove all of us to follow her example.

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