Five features you should look for in an WooCommerce mobile app builder


​There is no shortage of WooCommerce stores trying to launch their own independent shopping app. Rising smartphone usage is causing many online stores to stare at the proverbial writing on the wall – apps are the future.

The main reason businesses still hesitate to launch their own mobile app is the cost. Not every budding shopping store online has the resources to create a cutting edge ecommerce app. However, the rise of free online app makers have essentially made ecommerce app development a matter of minutes.

There are a number of mobile app builders that allow users to create a WooCommerce app for Android and iOS. Here are five features you should look for in a WooCommerce mobile app builder.

#1 – Backorder support
The last thing your customers want to see when they visit your shopping app is an out-of-stock label. It harms their app experience and reduces your chances of making a sale.
It is thus imperative that you choose an ecommerce app builder that provides backorder support. This essentially ensures every product available for backordering on your WooCommerce store is also open for orders on your shopping app.

AppMySite is a prime example of a mobile app builder that offers backorder support. Any product on your WooCommerce store that is taking backorders will also consequently be available on your app, if you’re working with AppMySite.

How do backorders generally work? Let’s say a customer comes across a product that is out-of-stock. You still allow the customer to place the order regardless. When the stock is again back in-stock, you can fulfill the order and complete the sale.

App marketers have to invest a lot of time and effort in bringing possible customers to your app. It is thus vital to not spoil the experience of incoming visitors with out-of-stock labels. Choose a WooCommerce app builder that offers complete backorder support.

#2 – Checkout page customization
A lot of customers abandon their cart during the checkout stage. This typically happens because of reasons that are within and out of your control.

The best you can do is customize your checkout page. This includes removing the irrelevant fields that are not actually necessary to complete the order. It is thus vital you choose an app builder that allows you to customize your checkout page.

AppMySite offers support for the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin. This basically means you can customize the checkout page of your store using the Checkout Field Editor plugin on your WooCommerce backend.

The customized checkout page would then be reflected on the app as well. AppMySite thus enables users to fully customize their checkout screens with the assistance of the Checkout Field Editor.

It is vital to only ask for the bare essential information you need from your customer during the checkout process. This ensures your customers don’t have to waste time providing unnecessary information that is not needed to deliver the product. Study the checkout page some of your competitors are offering to get a better idea about designing your own.

#3 – Affiliate marketing support
Ecommerce startups don’t generally have hundreds and thousands of products on their WooCommerce store. This can prove to be a problem for your business as customers have three primary demands from their online retailer – variety, affordability, and fast delivery.

By offering only a few products, you completely miss out on three essentials of the golden ecommerce trifecta.

A simple solution in such cases is to offer additional affiliate products on your WooCommerce store. This can help you offer more products and additionally earn commissions.

To show external affiliate products on your app, it is vital you choose an app builder that provides external product support. AppMySite for example offers complete external product support that helps users sell affiliate products on their WooCommerce apps. It is thus wise to choose AppMySite if you plan on creating a mobile app to boost your affiliate marketing revenue.

#4 – Easy home screen discovery
Discovery is an essential part of ecommerce. Customers don’t always know the exact product they’re looking for. This is where ecommerce stores have to step in and guide customers through a journey of product discovery.

Visit the homepage of the popular ecommerce store or app. You will find various sections and collections created to ease discovery and help users find the right product.

When looking for a WooCommerce app builder, make sure the one you choose offers plenty of customization features for the home screen. The home screen is where most mobile shoppers start their journey. It should ideally act as a springboard for shoppers to browse various products and categories on the ecommerce app.

AppMySite offers users a ton of customization options to create the perfect home screen. This includes category management, section arrangement, dashboard banner design, and more. Users can even enable a web view interface on their home screen. This largely helps create a truly personalized experience for users when they arrive on the home screen and streamline discovery across the app.

#5 – High performance
No one likes to use an app that is slow and sluggish. This is true for all apps, not just shopping apps.

You need to ensure that the app builder you choose enables you to create premium apps that offer high performance. Launching a shopping app that loads slowly and has a high hang rate will only lead to failure. It is thus imperative that you choose an app builder that has a reliable performance record.

AppMySite doesn’t just help you create apps with great performance, but also offers add-ons to improve your app speed further. The WordPress web hosting add-on brings blazing fast speeds to your website and by extension shores up app performance as well. AppMySite can thus help you offer fast speeds on both your mobile app and website.

In conclusion
The features covered in this article may not be the most popular. However, they’re certainly very useful for any given ecommerce app. Each of these features is offered by AppMySite as well.

The best part of using AppMySite is the overall simplicity on offer. Users do not have to spend hours learning how to make a WordPress app. The intuitive app making platform makes the entire process instinctive and fast.

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