Fourth Of July Desserts: No Bake

Are you looking for some Patriotic desserts to help you finish out your Fourth of July celebration in with a bang? Then you are in luck because I have rounded up some of the best Fourth of July desserts no bake style! I chose to focus on no bake dessert ideas here because July is already hot enough! No need to bake anything in the oven and heat up the house. Instead these nice, cool icebox desserts will complete your feast all while sporting the red, white, and blue patriotic theme to commemorate the Declaration of Independence of the United States America. Each one is a delicious choice that will make a beautiful addition to your table presentation!

patriotic desserts no bake

The 10 Best Patriotic Desserts No Bake Style

No-bake literally means does not require or involve baking. In other words no oven required! The origins of no-bake treats can be traced back to the 1940s where the earliest use found in The Syracuse Herald-Journal. No bake desserts have been gaining in popularity since then. They are a great choice because they not only don’t require an oven, they are often easy to make. They focus on simple recipes with flavorful ingredients presented in a cold form. You will love these easy, delicious, pretty and patriotic Fourth of July desserts, no bake needed!

Flag Pie

This pretty Red, White and Blue Pie is the perfect way to honor America. The no bake pie uses blueberries and raspberries arranged in the shape of the American flag for a festive presentation. Visit Quiche My Grits for the full flag pie recipe.

Patriotic Strawberries

This is a lovely and simple dessert. Beautiful red strawberries in white with blue sprinkles. All the delicious sweetness of summer with the colors of our flag. Visit Little House Big Alaska for the full red white and blue strawberries recipe.

no bake coconut treats

No Bake Coconut Balls

These tasty coconut balls are vegan and super easy to make with only four ingredients needed! Visit the Renana’s Kitchen for the full Vegan Coconut Treats recipes.

Red White And Blue Popsicles

Red, white, and blue popsicles certainly feel like a great way to ring the summer to me! I love these especially because they use good ingredients for natural flavors and nutrients that you can feel good about. They taste as good as they look! Visit Dishes With Dad for the full Red White And Blue Popsicles recipe.

Red White and Blue Jello Shots

If you are looking for a boozy dessert, these red white and blue jello shots are perfect! Or just leave vodka out if you want to skip the alcohol and they will be great for the whole family. I have to tell you that as a child, I just loved layered Jello! Visit Keep Calm And East Ice Cream for the full Red White And Blue Jello Shot instructions.

Easy Red, White and Blue Ice Cream Sandwiches

You won’t even believe how easy these patriotic ice cream sandwiches are to make. Have fun playing with sprinkles! Visit Scattered Thoughts of A Crafty Mommy to get the full Ice Cream Sandwich Tutorial.

Super Easy Mini Watermelon Cakes

This is a super easy no bake Fourth of July dessert! Mini “cakes” are actually watermelon so they are cooling, light, and a pretty healthy option for dessert. Visit Basil And Bubbly to get the full Mini Watermelon Cakes recipe.

Easy No Bake Berry Trifle

This no bake recipe does use cake, but she suggests buying a pound cake from the bakery instead of making one from scratch. Then she proceeds to turn it into a very pretty red, white, and blue trifle! Visit Feels Like Home for the full easy no bake berry trifle recipe.

Red White And Blue Milkshake

This beautiful milkshake has layers of red, white, and blue for a patriotic presentation as well as varied flavors. The delicious, creamy milkshake uses natural fruit to achieve perfect colors and flavors. Visit Lemons And Zest for the full Red White And Blue Milkshake Recipe.

Fourth of July Desserts No Bake

More Fourth Of July Desserts No-Bake

Here are some more fabulous no bake fourth of July Desserts to try:

This 4th of July, I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating our country’s independence with friends and family. What better way to end a fun evening than with the perfect, patriotic dessert? Which of these cold Fourth of July desserts (no bake) will you cool down with?

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