Great American Comfort Classics- Frozen Prepared Foods I Keep On Hand

I am excited to share with you some easy new protein options to keep in your freezer. I have partnered with Great American® to share their line of Comfort Classics™ that includes prepared all natural beef and chicken main course offerings. It truly is convenient to have some of these frozen prepared foods on hand in the freezer to be able to fix up a nice warm meal in a jiffy. I was provided with Great American®Comfort Classics™ Country Fried Steaks, Crispy Steak Strips, and Southern Style Chicken Breast Fillets in order to facilitate my review.

Great American®Comfort Classics™ Review

frozen prepared foods

Great American Brands all-natural products are flash frozen and vacuum-sealed locking in the juice and flavor.  These frozen prepared foods are all comfort food classics that are perfect to serve for quick family meals. Each on is a fully cooked meat that is an excellent source of protein. They come in a resealable bag with white gravy packets. You just have to heat and serve!

frozen comfort food- Great American Comfort Classics

Each main course protein comes with cooking times for conventional oven (around 25 minutes), microwave (around 3 minutes), and air fryer (around 10 minutes. My favorite option is the air fryer because they get nice and crunchy and it is so fast.

The bags even include easy recipe ideas on the back so you have ideas for multiple ways to serve your family dinners. These products are available in the frozen food aisle at your local Winn-Dixie or you can use the store locator at amercianfoodgroups.com

Frozen Country Fried Steak

frozen country fried steak

It is so convenient to have Great American® Comfort Classics™ Country Fried Steaks on hand in my freezer. They are made with inspected USDA beef and are an excellent source of protein. These prepared frozen foods are just the kind of comfort food my son loves.

The other day we needed to rush off to play practice and it was so nice to be able to throw a couple of frozen country fried steaks into the air fryer. They were ready to serve in just 10 minutes with no cooking mess at all to clean up after! They came with a white gravy packet that is easy to mix up and I served them with cabbage cole slaw. I loved that it was so quick and easy to give my son a nice hot meal that would stick with him through his active afternoon at school.

Frozen Fried Chicken Breast Fillets

frozen fried chicken fillets

The Great American® Comfort Classics™ Southern Style Chicken Breast Fillets are so handy! I can pull them out of the freezer and whip up a family meal in no time. On days when I don’t have time to cook a family meal from scratch or part of our family has to miss the meal to attend an event, I love how easy it is to prepare a meal that looks and tastes homemade.

  • No Preservatives
  • No MSG
  • No Trans Fat

Five chicken breast fillets come in a bag so you can fix up a meal for the whole family. Or because just my daughter and I are at home during the week days I have enough to serve up hot lunch a couple different times.

The bag suggests four ways to serve the chicken breast fillets- over salad, over pasta as chicken parmesan, wrapped in pancakes, or over fried rice. I like the variety of suggestions to enjoy this classic comfort food. I have to say I am a huge fan of eating them in the chicken parmesan style. Never have I had such an easy, totally homemade tasting version of chicken parm. I never fry anything at home so I love the authentic crunch of this fried chicken without the high heat oil smells and mess.

Frozen Prepared Steak Strips

Comfort Classics Crispy Steak Strips

The Great American® Comfort Classics™ Crispy Steak Strips were all new to me. I never tried anything like them before. It was basically like Country Fried Steak made into finger food. These would make great appetizers for a football watching party. They also work well as the main course for a quick meal. I like the white gravy as a dipping sauce for them.


I give Great American® Comfort Classics™ two thumbs up as handy comfort food to have on hand in your freezer. They are perfect for quick, warm family meals with a homemade taste. Be sure to pick up a few bags of these frozen prepared foods at your local Winn Dixie supermarket.

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