How digital marketing can help you sell more

Marketing a product or service to customer’s means understanding their psychological needs. When you sell a product, you are selling the idea that the product solves a customer-specific problem or meets their specific needs. A successful online sales process is all about guiding your customers through the selection and purchase process. If you are not familiar with how to sell online, you just have to remember that a successful business can only be achieved if you represent your customers and court them through the entire sales process on your website. This can be done by integrating a state of the digital marketing strategy into your marketing strategy. 

Once you have the marketing in place, it will automatically create a sales funnel proven to turn potential visitors into paying customers. Afterwards you can scale your marketing efforts, which will lead to even more sales. Finding the right sales copy for your online ads, sales funnels and websites will lead business relationships into the future for years to come. While the focus on sales is different, many of the same rules apply to compelling personal sales: you have to work hard to attract customers and persuade them to make their purchase.

This guide will show you how to use Digital Marketing methods to reach new customers and generate revenue.

What is Digital Marketing?  

Digital marketing is an online engagement that uses a variety of assets including websites, videos, images, infographics, photos, written content, blogs, e-books and social media sites to connect with customers. Simply put, digital marketing involves creation of networking and influencing your potential customers online. Digital marketing is essential for selling anything online. Digital Marketing is the best way to generate revenue for your business and to sell your products online. 

Sales organizations in this new digital world can survive and thrive by responding to changes in the digital world by bringing products and customers to sellers across all sales channels. Sales organizations can use that data and analysis to improve sales strategy, resource deployment, talent management, sales team motivation, and customer loyalty. A financial services company can use data analytics to help its sales team sell credit and loan products to small businesses.

Types of Digital Marketing    

There are many types of digital marketing in the advertising world, but in this article we will focus on the main three, which are as follows:- 

  • Google Ads: – When you search in the Google console, the first 2 or 3 results that you get are actually Google ads. With Google Ads, you can develop targeted campaigns to win likes, make sales and promote your brand. You can also tailor your ads to specific geographic areas and demographic criteria. This is the main source of income for Alphabet INC (Parent company of Google), as it contributes to more than $147 billion dollars in ad revenue. 

The best part of google ads is that they can appear both on search engines like Google Search Network results and on other websites, mobile apps, and youtube videos. These services are available under a pay-per-click (PPC) pricing model.    

With Google ads, sellers can benefit from Google insight data of online customer behavior. It has a clear advantage because it enables them to sell your products and services proactively and in a consumer-oriented manner. 

As customers move from the evaluation phase to the active viewing phase, digital tools that provide information, such as comparison tools and online configurators, come into their own in combination with a qualified field representative.

  • Affiliate Marketing:- Affiliate marketing is when you allow other people to market your products and send you website traffic. The affiliate marketing process is a method of making money by promoting the products of another person or company. Affiliates simply pick a product to promote and earn a percentage of profits from the sales they generate. Through affiliate links between one website and another, the sales are tracked.   Affiliate marketing involves spreading the responsibilities of product marketing and creation across multiple parties.   


Providing personal services to online customers through affiliates can increase sales and expand your customer base. Once you have a right delivery strategy, you can increase conversions on your website and encourage repeat purchases. Online coupons, promotions and offers are a way to bring more customers to buy your products.

  • Social Media Marketing:- Social selling, a buzzword in the industry, has opened up new and effective avenues for sellers, because traditional sales techniques such as cold calling are no longer interested in winning over customers. For sales professionals and executives, digital technology offers new opportunities to connect with potential customers, influence them, and get them to lead customers.

Instead of the old sales model with cold calling, sales demos and qualified leads, social selling means utilizing social networks to reach new prospects, educate them about your business, help them grow their business and provide them with content. In fact, it is one of the best ways to improve brand awareness, customer satisfaction and sales. Sales representatives use social media to add value by answering open questions, answering comments, sharing content about the buying process, awareness and considerations before they are ready to buy.


Sellers need digital tools to connect with customers and their decision makers in a manner that reworks the traditional sales form. Sales professionals need to support and guide prospective customers through digital channels, not only in terms of sales, but also in terms of delivering an excellent customer experience. With Digital Marketing all of these can be achieved easily, if we do everything right. I hope that this article has helped you understand the basic concept of digital marketing and online sales. If you want to add anything else, feel free to let us know in the comment box below. 



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