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Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables not only ensures your meal is fresh and full of flavor, but it also reduces your carbon footprint as it requires limited refrigeration. If you are looking for a seasonal vegetable this month, artichokes are an excellent choice for you. It is a delicious, fresh vegetable that many people only enjoy out of a can or bottle. With these simple “how to” cooking instructions, I hope you enjoy serving fresh artichokes while they are in season this year. Not only will I share with you how to cook artichokes whole without a steamer but also a delicious garlic, lemon, butter artichoke dipping sauce you are sure to love.

How To Cook Artichokes Whole- Boil Without A Steamer

how to cook artichokes and garlic lemon butter dipping sauce

Artichokes can be cooked in many ways, but the most basic way to prepare them is to boil or steam them. These two methods are very similar and in fact my method is a bit of both. I use 1 and half inches of water so that the bottom heavy part boils while the leaves mostly steam. I like this method of cooking artichokes because it can be done without a steamer but also because the part of the artichoke that boils is the toughest and I like the way it tenderizes the stalk and the heart.

How To Prepare Artichokes

To prepare the artichoke for cooking, slice off the top inch of the artichoke leaves, removing the sharp portion of the leaves. You may also wish to trim some of the lower leaves using cooking shears. While this is not absolutely necessary, it does accomplish two things. Doing this will open the artichoke up to the steam and remove the sharp tips of the leaves so no one accidentally pokes themselves.

how to prepare artichokes for cooking

Next, slice about an inch off the top of the stem (as pictured above) and pick-off the small leaves surrounding the base of the stem.  

How To Cook Artichokes In A Pot

how to boil artichokes

In a large pot, add 1½-inches of water, a pinch of salt and the artichokes face up with the stems facing towards the pot. Make sure they sit at the bottom of the pot with enough distance in-between each other. To keep the artichokes from turning brown, squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the pot and drop the rind into the pot as well. No steamer is needed but if you wish to use one you could drop the artichokes into a steamer which would keep them lifted out of the water. This cooking method works just fine boiling the artichokes with or without a steamer.

How Long Does It Take To Cook Artichokes

Turn the stove to medium-high heat and bring the water to a boil. Reduce the heat and cover, maintaining a low simmer. Cook for about 30-45 minutes depending on the size of the artichoke. I flip over about half way through. The artichoke will change colors as it cooks loosing the vibrant green and becoming an olive green. When finished, the leaves should easily peel away from the stem and the stem will be tender to fork prongs.

how long to cook artichokes
About midway through boiling when I checked on them. Not quite wilted enough and still a bit of bright green.

How Eat An Artichoke

Now that the artichoke is cooked, how do you eat it? Well, an easy way to do this involves just a bit more preparation before serving. The artichoke will still be very hot so use care. Take a sharp knife and slice the artichoke in half lengthwise. Then use a spoon to scoop out the choke (the little light green fluffy part and the small thin pointy leaves from the center). Discard the choke. Now it is ready to be served and enjoyed.

remove the choke from the artichoke
The artichoke on the left has had the choke scooped out and the artichoke heart is revealed.

I eat an artichoke by starting with the outer leaves and working my way in. This saves the best for last.

The pulp at the base of each leaf is the only part of the leaf you eat. You just place each leaf base in your mouth horizontally and your teeth scape the pulpy goodness off as you pull the leaf back out of your mouth. Discard the leaf. Then you will find yourself at the center with just the artichoke heart left.

Most people consider the heart of the artichoke the most flavorful part of the vegetable. Cut it into pieces, (removing any tough part of the stem), share, and enjoy.

How To Make Artichoke Dipping Sauce

To give the artichokes a bit of extra flavor, I prepare a dipping sauce that I use for each leaf and the heart. Just whisk together 2-3 freshly squeezed garlic cloves, juice of 1 lemon, and 2-3 tablespoons of melted butter.

Printable Whole Artichoke Recipe

Serve the dish with extra plates, as people will need to discard the leaves after they’ve dipped them and eaten the fleshy bottom portion of the artichoke. 

What are some of your seasonal March produce favorites?

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