How to earn money from Amazon Affiliate Marketing

If you are finding a way to earn money from passive online income, Amazon affiliate marketing may be the best way for you to achieve wonderful results. Overall, this is the modern sale model that you attract customers coming to your website which is added the links in the articles. These links are connected with products that can be bought Amazon page. With the click and purchase from the client through your website, you can receive different commission fees from 1% to 10%. Nowadays, earning money through Amazon affiliate becomes more popular because it is so convenient and users don’t need to pay any fees like when opening a store.

Before starting to earn money from Amazon affiliate programs, users should equip basic knowledge about it like What is it and How to do? So, to help you know details about this modern model, we have included a lot of important information from professional experts in marketing in this article.

What is Amazon affiliate marketing?

Amazon Affiliate or Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program. The website owners become collaborators for Amazon without any fees. Then, they will write useful articles to advertise some products from Amazon.com on their websites. When customers click into the links adding on the page and purchase the product, that is time the owners earn with Amazon affiliate.

The owners have three different choices to start affiliate marketing including:

1. Pay-per-sale:

In this agreement, the merchant will pay for affiliate when the owner’s website gives a client who buys a product to an enterprise. Some merchants regulate the fixed rate for one sale, the others, like Amazon, regulate the percentage per sale.

2. Pay-per-click:

In this type of program, the merchant will pay for affiliate when it has customers coming to its website through the affiliate link on the owner’s page. The user still is paid although the customer does not make a purchase.

3. Pay-per-lead:

The last type of program will pay for affiliate through consideration of the number of customers coming to the merchant’s website and complete sign up leads.

Becoming collaborators for Amazon is not only the wonderful way to earn money but you can also advertise your brand to consumers effectively. Nonetheless, Amazon still has some strict regulations that entire users have to comply seriously. So all the business owners must understand those requirements carefully before taking part in Amazon affiliate marketing.

How to earn money?

How to earn money from Amazon Affiliate Marketing

1 . Find the “Niche”

If you want to earn Amazon affiliate commissions, the first step all the users should do is finding their “Niche”. You can understand this word briefly mean that is a niche market. If you also have your own brand with the specific types of products, your niche market will be those kinds of ones. On the other hand, the other business owners ought to choose for themselves a niche – where they own more advantages over competitors.

After determining the niche, you can select the types of products and starting to advertise them through Amazon affiliate. Moreover, the selected supplies ought to fall under Best-selling classification from the Amazon page. Luckily, Amazon has provided a lot of tools in researching the market, product when you don’t know which one is best for you. These are some useful tools: Synccentric, Escomspy, SellerChamp, BigTracker, E-com Solution,..etc.

2. Create your website

To become an Amazon affiliate, the users should know a little bit about programming because we will create a website – the best way for internet marketing. However, with the significant development of technology nowadays, business owners can use available applications such as Shopify, WordPress, Wix,..etc.

When you have the website and the niche, the next step is creating high-quality articles to attract visitors. The new website needs nearly 20 articles to start. Besides that, the users can use Moz or Ahrefs tool to find a lot of keywords for products. Finding the right keywords will increase the traffic for your site. Some types of content that attract many customers like the review, product evaluation, products comparing, information website, advertisements, coupon’s site,…etc.

3. Create Amazon Affiliate link

After registering for an Amazon Associates account, you can get the Amazon Affiliate link and put it into your article on the website. You should put the links in the right place and appear just right unless your website will be ranked at a low position.

As for the article content, the sales articles will often be interspersed with articles that share useful content for users, or you can create a standalone section for it depending on the type of product.

Optimize for Amazon Affiliate Website

Whether working as an Amazon affiliate or any form of making money online you also need to be responsive to market information and constantly changing to optimize the system, content, experience, conversion, …

The larger the scale, the more important it becomes to keep track of the metrics. When Amazon affiliate website can grow to the level of millions of traffic per day or thousands of products and orders per day, you need to have statistics and reviews. Therefore, optimization is extremely necessary.

Who should become an Affiliate for Amazon?

If you don’t already have a website with featured product reviews on Amazon, you can still launch a new website. Then, include links to the products you endorse and create useful content on your website to attract subscribers. Making money from Amazon affiliate marketing will be a bit difficult at first, however, it can still provide you with a steady stream of income later on.

Content creation to promote your product is not just limited to web or WordPress platforms, but you can use your Youtube channel. Adding Amazon affiliate youtube to your videos can attract a much larger number of subscribers than a web browser. Furthermore, the links still are connected with other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. So the users are provided a lot of platforms to earn money from Amazon effectively.

These are some beneficial information for business owners who want to earn money from Amazon affiliate. Remember that before starting something, you should know about it carefully to achieve results beyond expectations. We hope you can succeed in this way. Let’s enjoy it!

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