List Of Fun Outdoor Games For Kids

Playing outdoor games as a family is a great way to spend quality family time together.  Many outdoor games also provide you with an opportunity to get some healthy exercise, in addition to simply having fun. If you love outdoor family activities but you could use some new ideas, here are some traditional fun outdoor games kids will love. These group games would be perfect for birthday parties outdoors. These children’s DIY outdoor game ideas are also perfect for every day use.

Fun Outdoor Group Games Kids Will Love

kids scavenger hunt for kids

Scavenger Hunt

Although scavenger hunts are certainly not new, you can add some new twists to the game to make it even more fun. Pre-planning is the key to a successful family scavenger hunt. To make things more challenging and fun, let everyone participate in the planning process. Instead of relying on one family member to hide all the items and prepare all the clues, let everyone participate in the process.  Decide on the number of items to hide as well as how many clues will be provided.  Then, have each family member hide the items and prepare the clues for another family member. On the day of the scavenger hunt, exchange clue sheets and let the fun begin. Alternately, you could simply take turns as the “scavenger hunt planning committee,” with a different family member planning the entire hunt each week. Planning a scavenger hunt is a great way to encourage your child’s creative thinking processes while also having fun together as a family.

Mystery Detective

Once everyone in your family has become accustomed to planning a scavenger hunt, try taking the basic concept to a whole new level. Instead of providing the clues needed to find the hidden objects, you’ll prepare detective clues instead. This game is usually best planned by one adult, especially if there are younger children. Think up a mystery then write a collection of clues on small pieces of paper. The clues should all lead up to being able to solve the mystery. For example, you could plan the “Mystery of the Missing Tomatoes.” Provide each player with clues to help them solve the mystery. Each clue should provide enough information to allow the player to find the next clue. After everyone has found all their clues, see who is able to solve the mystery. If you like the idea but don’t want to have to make your own game, you can always just download a kids detective mystery game.

relay race for kids

Relay Race Physical Challenge

If you’re looking for a fun game that will provide everyone with plenty of exercise, a relay race physical challenge can be the perfect choice. Children in particular often love this game, especially if they enjoy watching physical challenge television shows. Set up several activity challenge stations around the yard. For example, you could design a jump rope challenge, a swing set challenge, a hula hoop challenge, and a “jumping jack” challenge. You’ll also need a stopwatch so that you can time how long it takes each family member to complete the challenge course. The person who completes all the activities in the least amount of time wins the physical challenge. You could also record the time it takes for everyone to complete each individual challenge, in addition to their total time. Because this method results in more individual winners, it can be a lot more fun.

Follow The Leader

Kids love following and leading and this game gives each child a chance to be in charge. What they do and say matters and the other kids all copy them. Naturally, they love that! Tell each child to create an imaginary path through, around, over, and under things in your yard and lead the others for 1 minute then rotate to a new leader.

fun outdoor games for kids

Sack Race

A sack race is one of the most traditional fun outdoor group games for kids. You can use old pillow cases for sacks and have the kids do a straight out sack race or a relay sack race. Kids must jump their way to the finish point. This fun outdoor game is just as fun for the observers as it is the participants because it is so funny to watch!

Water Games

There are lots of outdoor water games you can play to get the kids having fun. From water balloons to games with cups of water, there are endless possibilities. See the link above for water game ideas and details.

Sidewalk Chalk Games

From coloring to hopscotch there are many simple games to play with chalk. You can also draw out board games or create your own games with chalk. You can even make a tic tac toe sidewalk game with foam sheets and duct tape.


I hope you enjoy these ideas for fun outdoor games kids will love.  What are their favorite outdoor group games for kids?  Which of these new ideas for fun outdoor games do you think they will like the best?

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