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Well, this is a blog post I never thought I’d be writing. Back in 2018, when I had my last baby Mia that was it for me. I knew the moment I laid eyes on her I was done. Finished. Complete.

Boy, was I so wrong. I won’t get into specifics on my current circumstances but I’m excited to announce I’m expecting again!

Yes, you read that right. I’m expecting twins – babies #9 and #10 in fall 2021. That’s right — TWINS!

Believe me when I say I’m still processing this myself. But here’s my whole story!

I was staying with my best friend at the end of January 2021 for a week as she just started nursing school and is a single (amazing) mom of 5 kiddos so I went to help her adjust to school and mama life. I track my periods so I don’t have embarrassing accidents or run out of sanitary products due to having three of us in the house who menstruate. So I packed accordingly.

On January, 28th I woke up feeling Crampy. At this point, I was 4 days late. Due to my cramps, I figured I’d get a tampon to be safe and went about my day. Later on, I took it out because nothing was there and I was a bit worried. About 8 pm that night I told my BFF it’s 4 days late now and nothing! She suggested going to get a test but I knew, just knew I wasn’t pregnant but off to Walmart we went.

We got back about 9 pm and I decided to go pee on the stick and see what was up. Before I had even gotten the cap back on the test it was a blaring positive.

I was in complete shock. Lots of tears, frustration, and anger happened over the next couple of days and I decided keeping it was the only option.

Now, let’s fast forward to last week and the news of TWINS!

I found out on Monday, Feb 22nd. Here’s how it all went down:

  • I had my ultrasound scheduled for 3 pm. I was told to arrive 10 mins early, I arrived about 15 and within 5 mins was called back
  • She asked me my birthdate and the date of my last period. Then she was silent.

Note: For a few weeks I had this awful lingering feeling when I’d go in there would be no heartbeat so I was laying there freaking out. Preparing myself for the absolute worst.

  • 10 minutes go by and she goes to move the screen towards me but stops herself and says, “do you want to see?” I said of course and she turned it. BAM! I knew after 8 babies and hundreds of ultrasounds later exactly what I was looking at. THERE WAS TWO. Two little gummy bears moving about!
  • The first word to come out of my mouth? NOPE! Told her no over and over again and she asked if I knew what I was looking at – “there’s two?” I said, and she went on to show me baby A and baby B.
  • My eyes were a blur but I saw both. Saw their little heart flickers and was in a complete state of shock.

I asked if I could get a photo she said no it’s policy not to give one so early. So, I asked if I could snap a pic of the screen. She of course, said no. At 11-13 weeks if I come back for my next scan I can get a USB with photos. I was pretty upset over this, it’s my body and babies… why couldn’t I get a photo?

I was stunned. Shocked. Scared. Confused. Overwhelmed and all the feels at that moment.

She turned the screen to the heartbeat report one baby was 150bpm and the other I believe was either 156 or 164bpm I can’t even tell you as my eyes were a blur and I was in shock. She said both are healthy with strong heartbeats and whatever else she said, I didn’t hear.

I asked if there was a bathroom – I had drank almost my whole body weight in liquid before going in as I wanted to avoid a transvaginal ultrasound like the plague and she giggled, told me how exciting it is to have twins, and showed me the bathroom.

I went in, sat down, and called P to tell him the news. He immediately heard my voice and asked what was wrong – I was in complete tears barely able to speak but blurted out – “there’s two” of course his response was, “you’re kidding? no?” Now usually I’d have lost my mind but at that moment I was looking for more comfort than confrontation. So, I told him and explained everything and he had to let me go to process.

I texted my BFF asked her to call me and by this time I was crying but laughing and feeling like the whole thing wasn’t real.

I got home. I called my oldest upstairs, told him, and then told all the other kids.

I’m someone who likes to be real with my kids, share my journeys and as soon as I walked in my daughter Ava was asking how it went, “is it, twins?” Because it’s always a joke when I get pregnant but this was very real.

When I went in according to my LMP I was 8 weeks exactly. My doctor sent me the report the next day which showed Twin A was measuring 8w1d and Twin B 8w2d. Great measurements!

I’m still in shock.

Both are in their own sacs which usually means fraternal. This means my body released 2 eggs and both were fertilized.


It’s a lot to process and I’m slowly dealing with it my own way.

I’ve been really sick, really tired, and feeling completely unwell since week 5. Most days it’s a struggle to eat as everything turns me off and I’ve had a bloat bump since week 5 that isn’t going down but getting bigger by the week and my face constantly breaks out like little a teenager.

I’ve been dealing with kidney issues (stones and infections) and more teeth problems since week 6 but all life is a blessing even if they come two at a time.

I’m very thankful they seem happy and healthy. I’m high risk being a twin pregnancy and my age (36 this year) but also because of my last 3 pregnancies I had gestational diabetes so I’m in for a wild ride but when I announced I had so many people be extremely supportive and I know after all I’ve been through in my life I can get through anything, and this is no exception!

I will be updating often and sharing my story here and on Instagram stories so if you don’t follow me there yet you should!

Although this wasn’t in my plans or something I would have guessed to happen – it did and I’ve got this!

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