Singleton vs Multiple Pregnancy: The Differences

Well, I’m still trying to really grasp what is going on in my belly, I’ve come to terms with the fact it is happening and there are two little beans growing inside me instead of just one right now. People have been super sweet and kind over it, and if they weren’t they wouldn’t be in my life. I did lose some followers and some “friends” on Facebook when I announced which is fine and I’m glad they took themselves out of the equation because let’s face it – jealousy can be a very nasty thing, and I’ve found with each pregnancy there has been a lot of jealousy from different people.

I know and do have sympathy and compassion for those who struggle or who can’t get pregnant. This has nothing to do with that, but at the end of the day, I’m not going to minimize my joy on my own social channels for anyone else. This is just how it is. So, I’ve decided I’m going to be talking a lot more about this pregnancy; it’s a first for me I’ve never had multiples before and there is a lot to share.

I’ve noticed quite a few differences when it comes to my singleton pregnancies vs this multiple one. Things are quite different and I’m sure that’s a given but I wasn’t really prepared for how different it was going to be.

Singleton vs Multiple Pregnancy – The differences for me thus far:

  • With my singletons I didn’t start even showing for any of my babies until well after 12 weeks, I did have bloat in the beginning but it went away. With my twins, I’ve been showing and getting bigger since week 5.
  • With my twins, I’ve noticed my breasts are so much more tender. In previous singleton pregnancies, this didn’t happen until closer to birth.
  • With my singletons, I didn’t hear any heartbeats on my home doppler until after 12 weeks (except baby #8,  I found hers at 10 weeks) and with my twins, I started finding them at the end of week 8.
  • With my twins, I’ve been battling all-day morning sickness since week 5. Nothing seems to work, and only drinking lemonade will calm it down. With my singleton boys I’d have nausea but maybe threw up a total of 4 times throughout my pregnancies, with my singleton girls I threw up quite a bit but that ended around week 8. I’m currently heading into week 13 – and it’s still full force with my twins. This time I’ve noticed I have a lot more food aversions, I’m never really hungry, and I feel sick all of the time. I gag randomly during conversations, or just walking around… it’s quite annoying. With my singletons, I always dealt with nausea quite a bit, and a few bouts of throwing up but nothing like what I’ve experienced this time around.
  • With my singletons, I slept like a baby, and only ever struggled 34+ weeks pregnant to get a good night’s sleep. With my twins, I’ve struggled since week 5 to get a decent night’s sleep and when I do, I still wake up exhausted beyond belief.
  • With my twins I’ve noticed I get extremely angry really quickly. With my singletons, I was extremely emotional and cried non-stop during each pregnancy. Two completely different emotions taking over here.
  • With my singletons, I’d have random dreams about the genders of the babies, with my twins I have random very vivid dreams about having one, and the other staying put. Finding out at later ultrasounds there’s really triplets and silly, yet realistic dreams.

These pregnancies have been very different for me. I should have known earlier on, before my 8-week scan that I was expecting more than one, especially when people would say how much I was showing so quickly, but people have said that to me in every pregnancy. So, I really didn’t think anything of until around 7 weeks when the bloat usually left, and it wasn’t going anywhere.

I guess I was in denial or just never thought it would happen to me. This pregnancy wasn’t planned and not in my 5-year plan, but it is here and I’m dealing with it as best as I can. Every pregnancy and every baby is a blessing. Week 14 I will start to do weekly updates on the blog, as well as sharing some amazing maternity wear from Cake Maternity with you all.

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