Staff Picks: Our Favorite Gear This Month

Garmin fenix 6 Pro Fitness Watch

Tested by: Jake Ferguson, Content Commerce Manager

Garmin’s fenix 6 Pro is the top choice of many adventurers for tracking activities, GPS, sleep, heart rate, blood-oxygen levels, steps, and more. It’s an insane amount of data, all accessed through the smartwatch or in the Garmin Connect app. Plus, a battery charge can last up to 14 days in smartwatch mode.

I’ve been testing the fenix 6 Pro for over a year and love it — I wear it all day, every day. This month, I made a goal to improve my sleep and allow enough recovery time between workouts and adventures. I’m using the data to learn more about my body and what it needs to feel well.

Beyond activity tracking, I use it to “drop a pin” for fishing spots on a river. I use it when I travel to the mountains to see what elevation I’m acclimated to. And I’ve been tracking my sleep, in both hours and types of sleep, because we have a new baby and I’m getting fewer Zs than normal. Honestly, it’s a lot of watch and has a price to match. For me, the data, insight, and extra features are worth the investment.

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