Sweet Potato Sundried Tomato Risotto Recipe

Today I am going to share with you a healthy risotto recipe is bursting with delicious flavor! This sweet potato sundried tomato risotto recipe is from the brand new book The Calcium Connection: The Little-Known Enzyme at the Root of Your Cellular Health (April 6, Skyhorse) by Brunde Broady. Because Calcium ATPase is an enzyme that serves as a critical biomarker of health, she provides practical methods to protect your levels of Calcium ATPase from avoiding household toxins to recipes that boost Calcium ATPase levels and overall health.

Broady worked with expert Stefanie Sacks, MS, CNS, CDN, a culinary nutritionist and author of What The Fork Are You Eating, to create this recipe for The Calcium Connection. Sure, I love that it is a healthy choice but I love that it tastes good even more! Thanks to Skyhorse for allowing me to republish her recipe here.

sweet potato sundried tomato risotto



Description of the risotto recipe from the book-

I am a huge risotto fan but hold the dairy please as well as the traditional complexities of cooking it! For years I have been experimenting with ways to make this Italian specialty with ease and without too
many heavy ingredients. So here is my version that can appeal to the vegans as well as those who want a little parmesan. Once you master this dish, you can easily get creative with the vegetables you add in (i.e. try asparagus and tomato at some point). Enjoy over the course of a few days or freeze for up to 2-3 months.

So, as yo can tell, it is pretty much your standard risotto ingredients plus some nutritious veggies except that you can substitute nutritional yeast (from makers such as Bragg or Bob’s Red Mill) for parmesan. This substitution makes it a vegan risotto.

Sundried tomato sweet potato risotto
Credit for the photo: Geir Magnusson

How To Make Risotto

Making risotto is as simple as sauteing the garlic and onion in olive oil for a few minutes and then adding in your vegetables and sauteing for another 5 minutes.

Next comes the process of adding the rice and then slowly adding small parts of the liquid until absorbed while stirring. When all the liquid is absorbed and the rice grains are slightly al dente, you can turn off the heat, garnish and serve. Enjoy!

The sweet potatoes and the sun dried tomatoes go so well together to bring a sweetness balanced out the acidity of the tomatoes and complimented by the lovely herbaceous rosemary and sage. And the onion and garlic are a must for the base of any great risotto!

It is surprisingly easy to make a bold, restaurant style dish right in your own home. Have you ever tried making risotto before? Do you think you will now?

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