Unicorn Chex Mix [A Fun, Cheerful Snack Recipe]

Unicorn everything is very trendy these days and why not? We could all use something pretty that evokes feel good emotions! So here is a recipe for Unicorn Chex Mix. It features pink, blue, and purple, sprinkles, and unicorn horns. This cheerful snack mix is loaded with tasty sweet flavors balanced with some saltiness and there is plenty of crunch. This is a super fun Chex party mix for any occasion. From unicorn party food to movie night snacks, it is sure to be a hit. Making these unicorn snacks is just as much fun as it is to look at and to eat them. My kids and I made it together and it is basically a fun, edible craft project!

This is the official Unicorn Chex Mix recipe as it was shared with me by the folks at General Mills. Thanks to Chex Cereal for the delivery of the ingredients for this fun unicorn recipe.

Unicorn Chex Mix Recipe

First you will want to gather up all your ingredients. These unicorn snack mix ingredients are perfect for making exactly what you see pictured in this post. However, feel free to make substitutions or vary it a bit according to your flavor preferences.

unicorn chex mix recipe


Chex Cereal – You will want to use either Rice Chex or Corn Chex according to your taste preferences. They are both gluten free and they both provide that crunchy texture we love in snacks. We used Corn Chex.

Bugles- These “finger hat” snacks are the perfect shape for the unicorn horns. You will want to pull out the unbroken ones for the best looking unicorn horns.

White Chocolate Chips- These will form the base coating over the Chex for a layer of sweetness. They will also form the base coating over the Bugles so that the decorating sugar will stick and make pretty colored unicorn horns.

Gold Color Mist Shimmering Food Color Spray- You can find this in the baking aisle with the sprinkles. It is pretty and fun. It is also very optional because the gold color is more sparkly than the plain corn Chex but they are pretty gold anyway.

Candy Melts- These get melted to drizzle over the coated Chex. These candy melts are easiest but you could also use extra white chocolate chips with food coloring to create your own colored drizzle. We only used pink and blue because it seemed like enough drizzle to use but you could use purple too!

Decorating Sugars- These will be used to make your unicorn horns the colors you desire.

Sprinkles- These will be sprinkled over the Chex mix color drizzles for extra pops of color and cheer.

Marshmallows- If you can find the multicolored pastel rainbow twist marshallow from Yummalo, they are pretty cute and fun but white mini marshmallows will be just as yummy if you need to substitute!

How To Make These Unicorn Snacks

We made the unicorn horns first on one baking tray covered with parchment. We picked out full horns and then dipped them in melted white chocolate. I placed three small bowls on the tray and then poured the sugar over the horns. Once there was enough sugar in the bowls, I just laid them down on the sugar and rolled them. Then we placed them on the parchment to dry.

edible unicorn horns

Next, we coated the Chex lightly by pouring the melted white chocolate into a bowl of the Chex and stirring. We poured that out onto a second baking tray covered in parchment paper and spread out as evenly as possible to dry. Once it was firmed up, we sprayed it with the gold. Then, we drizzled it with the melted candy melts. Finally, we all added our favorite sprinkles!

making unicorn chex

Next, in a large serving bowl we mixed the dried unicorn horns and dried Chex with the cut up marshmallow pieces. Ready to serve!

unicorn snacks

I portioned some of the homemade Unicorn Chex Mix out into individual bowls that were already filled half full with plain corn Chex because we prefer to cut back on the sugar a bit. It was still quite a sweet treat that we all enjoyed!

edible unicorn craft

We put the rest away in a glass canister for easy unicorn snacks during the week since we weren’t actually having a unicorn party!

Printable Recipe For Unicorn Chex Mix

I hope you enjoy this Unicorn Chex Mix! If you use it as a unicorn party food, I’d love to see your photos. Share them with @familyfocusblog and/or #familyfocusblog!

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