Why I’m an Apple Heavy User, and I Don’t Hate Google or Microsoft at All | by Paco Cantero | Data Driven Investor | Nov, 2020

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Right now, I have all these Apple products:

  1. Macbook Pro
  2. iPhone.
  3. iPad.
  4. iWatch.
  5. Magic Trackpad
  6. Magic Keyboard
  7. Airpods

7 products.

Why do I keep using them daily? Because they’re useful. They make me more productive; they make my life easier, happier.

None of them were bought on a whim. They’re useful tools that make me progress, evolve, being a better self day by day.

They save me time. They make my life easier.

I still remember when my wrist was injured using my mouse. Whenever I started using Apple’s Trackpad, it was gone. A friend gave me that advice, and I didn’t believe it until I tested it myself. When you spend at least 12 hours each day, these things matter.

I still remember when I had elbow and neck injuries due to long phone conversations. AirPods made the miracle.

It’s not just about physical issues. Let’s think about mental or even spiritual ones.

We have feelings, emotions. Good vibrations take you far, far away, wherever you can imagine.

When I see Apple products, I like (love) what I see. I want to spend time working with these devices. Sorry about that.

Talking about Apple’s software, everything fits my minimalist spirit. That’s how I am. That’s how I like to live.

Software companies that develop products for Apple fit that tendency.

I love using apps like Ulysses, Evernote, Drafts, Due… All of them are useful and beautiful at the same time. They all combine pragmatism with aesthetics.

I always say Apple took the easy way: combining hardware and software.

Apple geeks who hate everything that isn’t Apple always talk about performance, security, reliability… That’s “easy” (caution: there’s nothing easy in life) to do when you control both worlds talking about technology: hardware and software.

The hard part is Google (Android) or Windows. Offering reliability when you don’t control the hardware in which your software will run is not an easy thing to digest. That’s why I also admire these two companies.

All our companies (the three of them) and my personal life have been attached to Google Products such as Google Workspaces. We were pioneers whenever the “cloud movement” started to sound. We could see the future and the advantages of this whole new world that is now present.

I have a lot to thank Google. It also makes me live better, giving me good feelings about control, versatility, security, accessibility… And, by the way, they’re also minimalist believers.

I think being minimalist is a must today because we’re all cluttered due to information. Millions of apps, shots, impacts, notifications, calls impact us every day. Minimalism brings you peace in your life. The right mindset to be productive.

I didn’t say anything about Microsoft. I’m just using Microsoft To Do for my shopping list because I was a Wunderlist user since the beginning.

I haven’t needed to use any of Microsoft products, but I wouldn’t have any problem at all if I had to. I was a Microsoft heavy user in the past, using products such as Windows, Office, Project, Visual Basic… daily (even more than 12 hours a day…).

Technology is here to help our lives. No matter what brand or company is offering you the service.

I think we should be smart about choosing technology. I don’t think technology should be seen as something you have to use just in one way.

There are multiple ways to use technology, with fantastic tech companies that launch unique products and services every day.

You have to take advantage of that by freely choosing the products and services you feel comfortable with. Those that help you have a better life. Those that affect you in your deepest inner self.

Be smart. Use and test everything. Later on, choose the best for you, without biases.

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