Yoga For Children- Benefits, Books, And Poses

Yoga for children is safe, beneficial and fun!  Yoga can greatly help kids to develop not only their physical fitness, but also to learn to become more focused. The benefits of yoga for kids can also include learning to self-soothe as well as feeling more confident and empowered. Physical exercise activities in general are necessary for children to develop a sense of self, but yoga goes beyond this into development of the soul. I will share some ideas for yoga games, bedtime yoga, and yoga book for kids.

Benefits of Yoga For Kids

yoga for children

Children have been doing martial arts for years but now we are seeing a growth in the movement to children’s yoga. It is similar in the sense of discipline but yoga may be a better choice for your little introvert… or excellent to relax your extrovert! Yoga is great for improving endurance, balance, and mindfulness.

The most obvious benefit of yoga for kids is healthy development. Yoga uses so many different muscles in its movements and it works to both strengthen, tone, and improve flexibility and range of motion. According to LiveStrong, some yoga poses even count for strength training and cardio.

While you and your kids are performing a yoga posture, you aren’t just standing in that pose, you are also working on breathing exercises and meditations. For any age, focusing on your breathing, helps improve ability to focus, brings a great sense of relaxation, and can help reduce stress.

Yoga can also be used for children with autism and ADD/ADHD to help reduce core symptoms. There are special yoga programs for children with these learning disabilities and it is a more hands-on approach. In this therapeutic type of yoga, Hatha yoga is used. This is a more holistic approach with plenty of meditation and calming of the senses. Also used to help with disabilities are eye exercises, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques accompanied with soothing music and sound therapy.  Therapeutic yoga is said to increase motor, cognitive and communication skills in kids with disabilities.  This helps to reduce the hyperactivity of ADD/ADHD. Your child will experience more balanced emotions because they will gain self-control.

Teaching Yoga To Kids

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Yoga Classes For Kids

There are many ways of teaching yoga to kids. You can look for local yoga classes which is a great option if they exist near you. These are great because the instructor can introduce the poses, help with executing them correctly, and lead everyone in mindful breathing and meditation. They are fun for the kids to interact as well and get to experience a bonus social element.

Yoga Poses For Kids

You can also teach easy yoga poses yourself or try youtube videos. You can begin with some simple yoga breathing exercises and progress to yoga poses for kids. It is great if you can do them with your kids at first and help them with their form.

Bedtime Yoga For Kids

You can focus on one area you might find helpful, like bedtime yoga for kids. You know your child best so this is something you would both find helpful, start with bedtime yoga. Here are 12 poses to help your child sleep better.

Yoga Games For Kids

Or maybe you would prefer to start with something fun, like yoga games for kids! Again you know what your child needs and will be cooperative with. Start with what is easy first and you can show expand their interests later. There are a few fun yoga games for kids to start with on the Harvard Health site here.

Yoga Books For Kids

Yoga books for kids are also a great method for self starters. Yoga books can help with everything from getting them interested at a young age to advancing them along when they are ready to get even more out of yoga. Here are a few suggestions:


Yoga for children can be fun and helpful! It is a great way to help improve the child’s self esteem through helping them to become stronger both physically and psychologically. Benefits of yoga for kids are varied from improved aerobic capacity to improved classroom behavior. Teaching yoga to kids can be a fun activity to do with your child and it is a great way to bring mindfulness and discipline into your family routine.

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